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need a better srtipe....

I have a toro zmax 62 inch cut that has a stripe kit on it. It does a pretty good job, but I looked at some of the picks and I don't get as good of a looking stripe as I saw, does anyone have any suggestion.. This may be a dumb question but this is my first year and as you can tell I'm not sure how it works..... Thanx


LawnSite Senior Member
I also have a Toro Z and it doesn't stripe worth crap. But I am going to try using a roller this year. I bought it from McMaster-Carr for about $20, and then I will just use brakets to mount it to the back of the deck. Do a search on my name and you will find a thread called Toro Striping thats what helped me.


LawnSite Senior Member
Don't be discouraged, it may be the grass that isn't doing it part. Some will bend easier than others. Cutting at a longer height will help. Try an extra 1/2-3/4 inch next time and see what happens.

More guys could give some input if we knew which state you lived in or what kind of grass? ;)


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Monroe, CT
This method of striping works better for walk behinds just because they go slower, i built a chain striping kit that works like a champ. Also i just bought a Lazer Z and the roller that comes with it. It works great, it mounts right behind the deck; i used the antiscalp wheel's mounting brackets. To the best of my knowledge the exmark stripper works on toros as well.
Thanx for the info...
I'm wondering if I can move the piece behind the deck down to make a better stripe....


LawnSite Fanatic
the one thing about moving it down that I would be worried about is riding over something raised in the ground
That's true I will look at the clearence from the rubber to the deck to make sure it it has enough room to give a little bit.. Thanx for the info I probaly wouldn't have thought of it...


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Also, much of it has to do with what type of grass you're cutting. For instance, most southern grasses just don't stripe like the northerns do. Where is Murfeesboro?
Also, Soccerlawn, I can't understand the Toro Z not striping well. Any cuts that I've saw by them looked pretty good. Are you setting a pattern and sticking with that throughout the year? In other words, whether you're cutting in 2 or 4 different directions, are your north south stripes always right on the same rows - in the same place?


LawnSite Senior Member
Yes, Runner, I try to keep them in the same row same place every time, but I think It might have to do with some of the grass because a few of my lawns stripe very nicely, while other don't stripe worth crap.