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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MoGreen, Oct 3, 2009.

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    LOOONG story short. Bought a used 48" Leo z-turn for $1000. Guy said it had burned up the starter 4 times, and wanted to get rid of it. Motor had 200hrs on it. I did some research, and found it was the compression relief valve or spring that wasn't relieving the pressure in the cylinder. (19hp B&S ohv Intek plus motor)
    Took to dealer, created a stink, B&S rep replaced with new motor, I paid $200 for install, and was out. Worked great for a year, burned out another starter, called shop, adjusted valves a little looser? and put another starter on. Worked for another year.....
    I go out today to start it. I get a click from the solenoid? but will not crank at all.....My question is this:
    I can turn the motor by hand okay. I back up the motor to bdc to give it a little room to crank over tdc, but the starter isn't even bumping at all. I tried tapping on the starter too-no luck. Did I burn up another starter?
    Where do I start? I'm thinking the valves are tightening up some after a year which is causing some strain on the starter and eventually burning it up every year?
    I have also had a backfire recently when turning it off (the past 2 months), which would mean the valves could be a little off?
    ALSO, since they re-installed the new motor, my hour meter no longer works!! How the heck do I fix it?
    19hp Briggs Intek Plus OHV motor
    Type-0121 E1
    Bobcat/Ransomes/Textron Leo Model#942280

    I would appreciate any input. I REALLY love this mower. The quality is great for what I paid for it, and I would like to resolve my problem. I am willing to do my own valves, etc. I am a little tech oriented, and have at least half a brain to figure some stuff out!! hahah
    I read a great post from restorob that was quite informative on the valve info!
    Thanks, in advance, to all/anyone who can help me out!!
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    First of all MoGreen,

    Thanks for posting ALL model numbers, It was most helpful.....

    You can start by checking the battery making sure it's fully charged and passes a load test, If it passes move to the frame mounted solenoid, Put a test light or multimeter on the cable on the starter then turn the key to start. If the solenoid clicks and you have power to the starter there is most likely a problem within. NEVER tap on a small engine starter, The magnets inside can be cracked/broken and cause armature drag/binding or total lock-up.

    On the valves,

    At the first sign of engine lag rolling past TDC with a good battery the valve adjustments should be checked, The valve/automatic compression release components wear in which valve lash settings will increase thus rendering the ACR less operable. Always adjust valves to OEM's specs, Any wider can cause the above and more frequent valve adjustments will most likely be required.

    As for the hour meter,

    Here is a wire diagram for your unit, You will need to trace the wires down and see if it's hooked up or hook it back up. If all wires are hooked up you most likely have a faulty meter.


    Here's the proper valve adjustment procedure should you need it;


    I think that pretty much covers everything.......

    Good Luck
  3. MoGreen

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    Thanks for the very in depth instructions!
    I have learned in the past to start with all model numbers etc. to help people know WHAT you are dealing with!
    I hooked the battery up to my battery tender junior overnight and came out this morning. I had a solid green which means it is charged and is floating?
    My next step will to be to check the battery connections and clean them up. As a visual inspection, they are very clean with NO corrosion.
    I would assume that if I am getting a "click" with a fully charged battery then it is okay?
    I think i'll try to jump it with my car. If it still clicks, then I can eliminate the battery problem and move onto step 2. What do you think?
    P.S. I will never tap the starter again! Lesson learned!
    Thanks a lot for your help!!!!
  4. MoGreen

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    Okay. I have 13vt at the battery. I tried to jump it with my car, and I am still getting a "click" from the solenoid?
    I tested the voltage from the battery to the large red wire on the solenoid, and get 13vt.
    I put my negative form my multimeter to the negative on my battery. Then put the positive on the thick red wire that runs to my starter. I get nothing, but get 13vt when I turn the key to the first click. I still get around 13 vt when I try to turn the key and hear the click.
    Does this mean the starter is toast AGAIN!? Man, starters are pretty expensive. WHY do I keep burning up these starters?
    Thanks for your help!!
  5. ricky86

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    No voltage drop at all? Wow. Try setting meter to ohms, and check ground from starter to engine then starter to negative post on battery. You should get a very low ohm reading. If not, you have a ground problem which should not be ignored - but doesn't mean it's your problem. Bad grounds can damage starters. Sounds like your starter is bad, but I'm surprised you have 13 volts at the starter post with key in start position.
  6. MoGreen

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    Let me clarify. There was a voltage drop, but just a little at the starter. I just wanted to see if I was getting voltage at the starter, or the problem was before the starter.
    Tonight I fixed it!! I pulled off the plastic cover over the oil cap/starter/top of engine, and turned the starter by hand a little. I then tried to crank the motor some, and saw a large spark from a screw that tightens down the plastic cover. I really think it is a bad ground. I will take your advice tomorrow, and check the ohms to see if the ground is poor.
    I cranked it about ten times, and it cranked fine! Before I wasn't getting anything from the starter!
    Thanks soo much!
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    Just wanted to let you know I didn't bail on you, I lost internet service and was unable to post.

    Looks like Ricky86 has you heading in the right direction, Good Job Rick ! [​IMG]

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