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Loveland, Ohio
I am tired of using my personal cell as the number to contact for new business or clients calling that want additional services or questions. I have someone that is available to answer calls for me during the day but is not available during the evening. So I would like to be able to have those call forwarded to me afterwards. Hopefully creating a difference between personal call from business.

I am wanting to get a business phone line that can be routed to several different phones at different times.

I am looking around and see several options.

What is working for you guys and which ones are the best to use
ProCuts Lawn Care

ProCuts Lawn Care

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Loveland, Ohio
thanks guys I was able to get a number that is easy to remember and catchy.

Thanks for the help


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For those interested in GV, here's a repost...of a repost... of a synopsis that I wrote a while back.

Also, the real trick can be in finding a suitable GV number. Their inventory fluctuates greatly.


If you want to avoid a land-line, or just have an additional phone line, check out Google's Voice service ( It's free, extremely powerful, and with the Google Voice app on your smart phone, you can run it completely transparent to your customers. For example, you can see the call coming in to your phone as being from your Google Voice line, and via the app, you can dial out and your customer's caller ID shows your GVoice number. Also, calls can be forwarded to any number of phones you set up. The administration is quite simple and done via a dashboard that looks just like Gmail.

Other great features are transcribed voicemails emailed to you (albeit sometimes amusingly inaccurate) and, my personal favorites:

- the ability to set different outbound messages for different people based on their number (managed like you would an email group, so you could have a specific message that only your customers or suppliers here, etc)
- conference calls
- have calls not ring through to your phone during non-business hours. have only select numbers or call groups ring through at set times.
- call screening, like the good ol' days of listening to your answering machine, and picking up mid-message
- recording of calls
- sms/mms texting
- calls from your computer using Google Talk (Now "Hangouts"), similar to Skype. those are free and don't hit your phone minutes.

You can also pick your phone number, based on availability.

For anyone starting a business, or running one, it's definitely one of the great tools that can save you another monthly bill.

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I have Verizon. There is an option to forward your calls to any given phone number. I forward to my wife on a daily basis.


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We use When a customer calls they get a greeting and menu stating press 1 for .... 2 for .... And so on. All the voice mails come through emails or you can listen on the app. You can have the extensions forward to as many different phone lines as you want. For example when a vendor presses 7 for a/p it goes directly to voice mail, but if a caller hits 2 for irrigation it goes to my service managers phone, pressing 3 for landscape construction goes to the construction managers phone and so on. We can also make calls through the app so that the receiver's phone shows the business line in their caller id

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