need a comfortable mower, suggestions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alexschultz1, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Charles

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    I think I would retire from lawn care if I were you. Maybe hire someone to do the work. Nothing is worth the risk of doing further damage to your back.

  2. LawnMan19

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    Ferris hands down, it's like riding on a cloud!
  3. aroddy

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    Bad Boy has came a long way from 5-6 years ago. I've talked to several dealers at my dealer meetings and its a love/hate relationship between Bad boy and their dealers. Either they love them and sell the mess out of them, or they hate them and dropped them. Since last year they got a better warranty, 2 years parts & labor. But they need more of a 4 year/ 500hr warranty like ferris or 5 year/500hr that bobcat provides. I sell to more homeowners and they never put more than 60-70hrs / year on a mower. So bad boy's would only benefit a all day every day commercial cutter. They are cheaply priced, but the dealer in my area makes it easy for me to sale against them. Ferris is making great price points this year like bad boy as far as their 2100Z models. The one I sale the most against the Bad Boy is the Ferris 700Z 28hp Vangaurd / 61'' for $7200 vs the Bad Boy outlaw 61'' with the 24hp Kawasaki FS for $7300. Apples vs Oranges tho...
  4. aroddy

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    I've seen you post about the deck sway before. It makes me wonder what was going on with the unit you tested because every Ferris has tracking bars front and rear to eliminate that. And out of all the units I've sold, I don't have that problem. I mean under force they will get pushed over 1 inch like hitting a curb or tree with it, but to sway back and forth and bounce a lot.....Theres something array there. Whatever dealer must've let that unit slip through their fingers when serviced, Cause I will say I got to go over all my units before the sale. I'll find something that needs attending every once in a while
  5. alexschultz1

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    hah, yeah maybe when my business bounces back to 100%. right now im still catching up from 5-6 years ago. i used to run 3 trucks and 5 guys, now im down to me, one guy, and one truck. BUT im actually making around the same lol.
  6. GMLC

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    We just finished our second demo and this time it was with the 3100. I still have to write my review. But what is going on is the deck is hung with chains mounted on moving arms. A simple test is pushing the deck with your foot and you will see the deck sways about 6" side to side. On side hills and rough property it can be felt. My dealer says its a common complaint. A simple fix would be using control rods to hang the deck like many other companies are doing now. But please dont get me wrong the 3100 is an awesome machine. The only other problem we had was the sensor in the seat was causing no start and engine cut off problems for the lighter guys. I weigh 180 and it happened to me.
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    I just went into my showroom and lowered the deck on two 3100Zs to 2.5'' and I can't get that thing to move side to side not even a inch. So I tried at transport and still couldn't get them to move. I would get with your dealer cause theres something horribly wrong with that machine. The two huge tracking bars on the back of that thing thats mounted to the back of them deck to the frame so that eliminates the problem period. Did you test a 61'' or a 72''? If a 72'' the dealer has to put the deck underneath the machine and get it level and install the tracking bars. If its a 61'' then it's pre-assmebled from Ferris and put in a crate.
  8. GMLC

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    It was a 61" with vanguard 36 hp 2012 model. All of them at the dealer swayed. I saw no track bars conected to the back of the deck. Just the rubber stripe kit.
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  9. Ormond32176

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    Don't you get the emails?!

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    This absolutely baffles me. I've sold a lot of 3100Zs the past 3 years and this is one Complaint I've never got. Never noticed. or had any kind of a problem with.... I just emailed Ferris and they will prolly get in touch with you soon....

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