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    I have a good client that stopped services to do a new irrigation system and new lawn.
    He was going to tear out the Bahia and put in st aug but the county ext office talked him out of it. So now he is just going to remove all the dead areas and put in sod transferred from the rear from putting in a landscape bed.

    The sod guy told him to get the lawn in 1yr to be weed free and great looking use Scott's turf builder (STB) and that the 16-4-8 (when i started my company i was told by Ric that 16-4-8 is good to use on Bahia) i have using from lesco is crap and not sufficient for this lawn, i have earned great trust from this client from the years of service and he trust my advice.
    I told him the STB is a homeowner grade product and that its meant to put down more often and due to the Sarasota regs it mite be more N then allowed for the year. any ideas on a good program i can use to get this lawn up to par for this guy? keep in mind Sarasota lawn says:
    Nitrogen or Phosphate fertilizer may be legally applied from June 1st until Sept 30
    and 50 percent timed or slow release with a total of Four pounds of nitrogen and a half pound of phosphorus are the maximum allowed per year

    I have to meet him on Tuesday to go over his plans and need to give him a good option other then the STB idea, i normally have lawn that are just fert only to keep my costs and there's down for chem's.
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    I am no longer servicing the Sarasota county area in any way shape or form. Too far to drive and Too Many local Fert laws. IMHO My suggestion to you is to find a local Fert company with all the right licenses and let them do it. Because you don't have the proper licenses you would be in way over your head trying to do this job. Stick with mowing. I know this is not what you want to hear, but I know you and it is for your own good.

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