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need a good "spoon feed" fert plan

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first off, i'm a homeowner (central indiana) who really enjoys working to get the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. i hope this doesn't offend you pros trying to make a living. perhaps some free advice?

i have a really nice looking / thick lawn of kbg (80%) and perennial rye. the lawn was established about 3 yrs. ago an is about 8k sq. ft. of turf. i also have an in-ground irrigation system (watering 2-3 times/wk. @ 5:30 a.m.) and a walker mower with the grass handling system which collects my clippings. i have been using lesco (jdl) granular fert since the establishment of my lawn. i also have a backpack sprayer to spot-treat broadleaf weeds (very few).

for the last 3 yrs, my lawn has been beautiful in the spring and fall....but summer, not so much. mind you, it's still the best lawn in the area, but not up to my high-standard. seems i struggle with things like red-thread, brown patch.

as for my fert schedule, i usually apply every 7-8 wks starting yesterday with my first ap of pre-emergent/fert (i think it was 25-2-5 w/10% dimension). i'll probably apply again around memorial day using whatever my jdl guy suggests (seems this has been 23-0-11 ???) and use the same stuff for my 3rd and 4th ap (july 4th & labor day). in early november, i'll winterize with 35-3-5 (i think).

my thoughts are that i'm throwing away money and nutrients by collecting my clippings (walker mower). i'm not worried about the money but the discarded nutrients could be a problem given my past fert habits/schedule.

so, i'm looking to improve the lawn this year so that it looks great all season. i have a feeling i could get the desired result if i were to fertilize more often using less fertilizer material per application. i'm open to your suggestions if you would be so kind to weigh-in. thanks in advance!!! please offer a schedule i can follow along with any change in the fertilizer i'm using. thanks again for helping me take my lawn to the next level.
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Your watering schedule may have a good amount to do with your lawns sensitivity to summer conditions. As stated above water deeply and infrequently. When you supply the roots with a consistant, predictable watering then there is no need for deep root development - which is one key to drought resistance.
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