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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by LAWN TECHNIQUES, Feb 22, 2006.


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    I recieved an order of lights today from ccl, boy im not happy at all. good thing i made a small order first. Can any of you please steer me into a direction to go for good lights and dependable manufacture, I have several jobs booked, and still no good lighting manufacture...thanks for all your help, Shane
  2. SamIV

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    Paul gave some very good suggestions under the Memphis thread.

    Sam IV
  3. niteliters

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    tough question to answer with no bias. I use Nightscaping and have been very happy for the past ten years. A lot of that has to do with my distributor. Lots of companies make fine looking and long lasting fixtures. Nightscaping, I think, makes the best transformer + the neat gadgets to go along with it, the latest being the "dominator". I have and will continue to seek out the best fixture/lamp wherever I can find it but will probably not ever quit using the Nightscaping power center (transformer). Was at their factory few weeks ago and was amazed to see all that was made right there in their buildings...American made all the way baby!!!!

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    Please consider buying from us. While we are establishing national distribution we will sell direct to Lawn Site members with free shipping and 20% discount except wire and transformers. Life time warranty. Give us a call. We sponsor this forum.
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    im still waiting to see Noels product but You can call chuck at florida outdoor lighting or gerry at terra deck to get cast hadco kichler etc.

    Also if you have a john deere landscapes near you they carry some high end gear. I never bought there because its close to 2 hours away but just a thought
  6. horizonlandscape

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    I can get you in touch with a dependable distributor that carries Nightscapes, Unique, Vista, FX and Kichler. Just email me at and I will get you all the info. and contacts.

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