Need a little help on rebuilding my boom...

Capt J-rod

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So I have been spraying my property now for three seasons to handle broadleaf and dandelions... (please be kind LOL) I use rural king Gordons Trimec. With the help of you guys and a farmer buddy, I calibrated everything and I use a Kubota RTV 500 in low gear. I get decent results and have been happy with the outcome, but I want to convert my nozzles to shut off when not under pressure. Right now they dribble when I turn around. I looked on the tee-jet website and holy rocket science! My boom is 20" off the ground and 20" spacing with three nozzles. To maintain my K.I.S.S. method, it sprays the width of the RTV and I use a 61" scag to mow, so I just run the stripes in the lawn to get it even. Is this as easy as ordering the new housings and re-plumbing it or is there more witchcraft that I need to know about?


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Also reduce your hose length as much as possible. If you have a spot sprayer hose along with boom put a ball valve on to turn off the hose.
The hose stretches and holds residual pressure when you shut off pump.