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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Moose's Mowing, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I have 4 houses lined up to powerwash. All of these are my weekly mowing customers. I don't advertise this service but if I'm asked to do it, I will. I did several houses last year and they all turned out good, no damage, no leaks, no issues at all. I used either Zep or that KrudKutter stuff from Lowes, don't remember which. Either way, the cleaners with a little bleach did a great job on the dirt and mildew. So don't flame me for using home owner chemicals, I don't claim to be a pro power washer. All of the homes I did last year were vinyl siding.

    All of the ones I'm doing next week are vinyl as well except for one, which is aluminum. I've never done aluminum siding and I don't want to make a mess or damage anything obviously. The krudkutter bottle says it's safe for aluminum but I wanted to get some input here. What's the best/safest bet to use for aluminum siding. We're talking just a plain old dirty house with dirt and light mildew. Should I just use a diluted bleach/water mix, spray it on, let sit then rinse, skip chemicals all together or is there something better. I also used a bottle of Zep (I think) gutter cleaner one time that the home owner wanted me to use. That stuff was heavy duty but it worked great on the gutters. I have some left in the barn I can get more detailed info about that if needed.

    So what do you guys recommend?

    Thanks in advance
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    I am no power wash pro either, but I did my own house that had alum. siding and just used the siding cleaner that home depot sells. Worked great and had a little shine to it.
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    ok thanks. sounds like that Zep product is what I'll use. I also read about M-1 siding cleaner but can't find it locally. Since the house isn't terribly dirty, I think a home owner product outta be strong enough without doing any damage.

    Does anyone know the effects of using diluted bleach on aluminum??

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