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Need a little help, what to plant.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by show-n-go, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. show-n-go

    show-n-go LawnSite Member
    Messages: 232

    My HOA requires me to put beds down either side of my shed. I was thinking japanese maple on each front corner and a couple other decrative type things, they want something that is either 4ft tall at time of planting or will be a fast enough grower to be 4ft in the next season or two. I like palm palm junipers and things like that but i think they want something that will hide the side of the shed better. What could i plant that would be decrative but still cover what they want? here is the pics


  2. Squirter

    Squirter LawnSite Member
    from Zone 5
    Messages: 172

    FIRST, I'd paint those white doors the same color as the shed, or, some color that would accent. The white doors have to go.

    Some (most?) Jap maples, if memory serves me, require some protection from wind/winter weather (likely cincy gets some harsh winter weather) or they won't do well/survive. I love Jap maples...just a bit frail. Also very expensive. I don't really see a tree like that around a shed. Near the house...yes!!! Do you want some evergreens? shrubs? ornamental grasses?

    I really like gold thread cypress (mops head) as an evergreen. They do really well with lots of sun. Look em up. They are quite hearty, no to low maint, and have beautiful yellow foliage year round. A great accent to them would be the barberry (red). Again, hearty and low-no maint. The red and yellow together really 'pops'. From your pics, these could be a good color combination with your 'tan colored' shed? One cypress on each corner (as anchors) on ONE side...and mix in some barberry in-between, along with some type of flowering perennial in front of the barberry.

    Another idea for anchor-type plants on the corners would be some type of ornamental grass like "maiden grass". A really nice variety of O grass is called "morning light". Perfect for full/lots of sun...not so much for low/morning sun. These will get 4'-6' tall and are the verigated type. They always look great from mid-spring to late fall when you can either leave them as-is throughout the winter or cut em to within 4" of the ground using a brush cutter blade on ur trimmer. Chain saws will work. If you leave em tall all winter, you'll have to cut them to 4" in early spring. They'll grow back to 4-6' tall pretty quick. There's also some lower growing O grasses such as "bunny grass (3") you might be able to mix-in. I love O grasses and they make sense, to me, for your application. Zebra grass?

    Some other nice shrubs are Ninebark. I think the "Diablo" variety can get quite tall 10'...but the "Summerwine" are lower growing. They even have a pinkish flower along (in the spring or fall, not sure) with the deep red foliage. Of course, these aren't much to look at during the winter...but bark-like twigs. Really nice plants, can't kill em, hearty, chop em back when they become too tall. Think of Ninebark as you would a Burning Bush or Golden Privet....both VERY colorful and a staple in landscaping.

    None of my suggestions are going to hide the shed if that's a consideration. I'm thinking if I had a shed in my back yard, I might be trying to hide it with some taller/bigger stuff. After all, it's a shed!!! BTW...your neighbors shed (pictured) isn't meeting the neighborhood covenants, is it? 4' tall ??? Busted!!! Good luck.
  3. show-n-go

    show-n-go LawnSite Member
    Messages: 232

    Thank you very much, I said the same thing about the neighbors shed, of course they didn't want to talk about that. I don't want to hide it but with 4ft restrictions it almost sounds like they do, if that's the case why make us put siding on it. Lol. Typical of HOA's.
    I had 3 jap maples at my old house that took some really strong wind and did well. The main reason I wanted them is because I am putting one near my patio so I wanted to tie it together somewhat.
    The doors are white as are the side windows in the shed, which also had to match my house per HOA.
    I'm going to head to the nursery Thursday, so thanks for the suggestions and input.

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