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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cooper725, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Ok so here is the deal. I have a small lawn maintenance corporation, just about 55 sites. 10% commercial, 90 % residential.

    Now since the Consumer Reports May issue came out, most of my clients want there grass mulched and not removed. (CR has a large write up on best way to treat your lawn, and the best home equipment to do it with).

    The problem is that the rate of growth at some of these places is insane. Such as a motel I am responsible for, and of course they only want there lawn done on a set 7 day rotation. It grows so fast it almost needs to be cut every 4 days lol. But anyways the problem I have is that both my Simplicity and Ferris are side discharge with regular blades. Now if I throw a good set of Gator blades on them will it do a good job mulching or will it just cut the grass normal and blow out the shoot? What do you older more experienced LCO'S think?
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    First off - Never trust consumer reports ! Here is my suggestion. Buy a good set of mulching blades and fabricate a block - off plate for your machines. Try to mow these yards in dry conditions. The drier the better when mulching. If you have some clumps left over just scatter them with the backpack blower. Just be sure to get your money for the extra work.
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    Thxs for the info, any other ideas?

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