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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by crlawncare01, Apr 12, 2012.

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    hello everyone!

    I have a problem with my employees with not getting the job done correctly and having to go back and redo it..... mostly its small stuff like a little trimming here and there but still should be done right the first time and not have to go back. its never BIG BIG THINGS like forgot to mow the hole section on the property.

    One i no of is the guy that i have trimm for me is new to the routes he just started working with use so i understand there is a little bit of a learning curve involved with it.

    I guess what im asking is there any tricks out there that you could possible tell me so i can get these guys to do it right the first time and we dont have to go back......

    Mabe two trimmers?
    (he only misses stuff on the big propertys)

    Anything will help thank you!
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    Is everyone on the truck new to the route? Is their not an experienced crew leader with them that knows the properties and should be quickly checking the work, particularly that of a new guy, before closing up the trailer and driving off. I know of a large company that had instituted a checklist for the billing system. The crew leader had to check off what was completed at each account and billing was done off of that. If he checks something that was not completed, he is falsifying billing records and can written up, suspended, demoted from crew leader (reduction in its associated pay), or fired if it continues. If the pressure is put on the crew leader to be sure the work is completed he will in turn put the pressure on the rest of the crew to cover his a##.
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    my crew leader has been with me for the past 3 years.... he has been doing great i never have a problem with the mowing portion on the biz. mainly have a problem with trimming.... i had the same trimmer guy for years but he moved too a different state so now i do have someone that is new to the propertys... so i no there is a learning curve and im cool with that but this is going on the 3rd week.... and he has been getting better (last week only mist like 3 trees) out of 45 accounts... i just need him to trim faster...

    Tell me what you think of this i ran it by my crew leader and he was ok with it..

    I was thinking of changing there pays too a fixed hours rate where you have this much time to complete the job if you cannot complete it in this time you A. work for free or B. find a new job.

    The crew leader was cool with it because the times are very reasonable and we have did them in this time frame many times mostly wanna try this so if could put a fire under the trimmer guy....
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    If you tell a guy that his choice is to A) work for free or B) find a new job; you are not giving him a choice you are giving him an ultimatum "work for free or be fired". If the employee had half a brain he would contact an attorney and the department of labor.

    If that is the method you want to do it I would do it a little different. You may be able to cut all of their pay a percentage and then give them that percentage back as a bonus each week if all accounts are completed correctly. This way if the if the work is done right, they will still receive the same pay; but if done incorrectly the whole crew is penalized. This will also get the rest of the crew to double check each others work. You would need to check with you state laws in regards to cutting an employees pay though. Here if you cut an employees pay, they can file unemployment for the difference.

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