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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RippinV, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. RippinV

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    Hi there, i am new to the forum so exuse my lack of knowledge. I am also a new homeowner with a few friends in the landscaping business. I have about 1/2 acre of land freshly seeded. I cut the lawn all last summer with a 20" push mower and that sucked! I am shopping for a 48" commercial and have found a few used offerings in my area. THe first is a SCAG 48" belt drive that is ~8-9 years old but serviced every year at my local dealer. Recently had $200 worth of work done (fuel lines, tune up, bearings, greese). The guy wants $1000. The other option is a 48" Bob Cat belt drive that is about 6 years old and supposedly only used for home cutting. The guy has a grass catcher and 3 blades. He wants $1500 for the machine. The last option is a Lesco (SP?), a 1999 mower in great condition according to the seller for $1700 OBO. It comes with extra belts and blades.

    Any thoughts on which one I should feal most comfortable with and best machine for the price??

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. E-man

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    If they are all relitivly close to you I would go and check all three out and run them all. See wich one you feel most comfotable with.
    We can all tell you what we think but only you will be able to decide. Why not ask one of your landscape buddies to go with you and get there opinion on the conditions of the mowers?
  3. RippinV

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    Thanks E-Man, I am actually taking one of my buds with me tonight to look at them. I was just curious what peoples thoughts were on the cost and history dependability and cutting ability.

    Thanks again
  4. RippinV

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    I went and looked at the scag and Lesko, both were junk, beat thoroughly!! Tonight I venture to the BobCat with my fingures crossed. I wonder if I went new what I would have to pay for a simple 48" belt drive walk behind for home use???????
  5. JJOHN22042

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    If you want a Cheap W/B for Home use check out Lesco you can get a 48'' for approx $2000-2300 on sale. Also if you want a real nice cut check out Exmark would have to say Scag and Exmark are the Best for W/B.
    The Scag is much more in Price than Exmark and Exmark has the best service.
  6. RippinV

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    Thanks for all your help guys. I ended up buying the used Ransomes. I priced out a new Exmark, what a nice machine, but the dealer wouldn't go below $2499+tx. So I checked out this BobCat 48", its about 6 years old with a 12.4HP Kawi engine, bought it for 1500. You could tell the machine was home use only, very very clean, three sets of blades and a bagger, which I won't likely use. Only thing it needs is a new drive pully and some grass to cut!!.

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