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Need a name and logo

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I have a name in mind for my business but how do I find out if it's already taken?All I know to do is look in the phonebook but I'm sure I have to be more thorough than that.Also,I need a design and logo but don't know where to go for help in that area.I assume I should call an advertising agency but there must be 50 listed in the phone book yellow pages.I would prefer to use someone locally so I can sit down with them and tell them what I have in mind.I've seen some really nice logos on this website and sure could use some help. Thanks.
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Check with your local town hall. In my State you have to register your business with your town hall. They wont let you register if the name is already taken.
allstar --

For what its worth, another place you can look is in the trademark registration records for the US Patent and Trademark Office. Here's a link to their database:

There is also help availble on the USPTO website ( -- hope this helps a little.

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