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need a new 21" mower.


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New to the site and so far I have been impressed with the information available. I am in no means a commercial lawn company but I will be taking on 3-4 residential lawns this spring and looking for a new 21" self propelled mower. I would love to purchase a larger walk behing but not in budget and for 3-4 lawns not really worth it for me right now. I currently have a deere JS63 for mysef only which I know is strictly residential but so far I like and have had no problems in 5 years except for new gas tank. Looking for others out there that may be a good option. Price obviously important but not the most. Looking for something dependable and ease of maintaining and servicable.

Thank you and again, good site.


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I would say a commercial Toro (Proline). One could be had for $899 for the non blade brake model. Keep in mind that you will get 4 - 5 years wear on your mower in the 1 year that you use it. I would keep the deer since you like it and dont replace till it gives up the ghost.


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I also only mow 3 lawns myself. I actually use used Lawnboy's. They are cheap and never break down (much). Look at ebay for some mowers.I like Lawnboys cause they have side chutes, I personally hate rear baggers. For a small 21" mower, I highly recommend Lawnboy.

lawnboy dan

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north florida
sad to imform you lawnboys are only sold as rear baggers now. they are the same as a toro but painted green . i use older lawnboys too but the best 21 is the john deere jx75 . honda second best -toro 3rd

South Florida Lawns

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What is their size? Although pricey I would seriously look at the Toro Proline series, in the $800-1200 price range. It will seriously last a long time if you take care of it.


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Garner, NC
After finally giving up on Exmark's Metro 26 ever coming in (they were way behind in production), I decided to just buy something cheap but decent to get me through the summer. Bought a Husqvarna at Lowe's for a little over $440. It has a Honda 5.5 hp engine, ball bearing wheels, and hydrostatic drive. By no way is this a Toro proline or Honda commercial but with all the negative feedback I've heard of the Metro 26, I'm keeping this little gem 'til it drops!