Need a new mower badly :)

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by oldcrappymower, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. oldcrappymower

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    So long story short, at the beginning of last season my ex-wife (wife at the time) took my mower out to mow the lawn in April to surprise me while I was away for he weekend. One large pop and lots of black smoke later, the mower never ran again. So in a pinch a friend sold me their really old rider for $100 and I figured I could get by with it for one season. That was last season and now that I'm divorced, the mower has died and I don't have much money to buy a new mower.

    I would like a zero turn because I get the impression they are faster and they look like a lot more fun than the two tractors I've had. I have two and a half acres of flat treeless lawn. I really can't spend more than $3500 on a mower.

    I live in Hudson, Wisconsin and so I'm sure there are dealers here in farm country for mowers and I have gathered that's a much better way to go then getting something at home depot etc. if I can find something I can afford.

    What brands do you trust and recommend? Thanks for the expertise.
  2. Schrock Lawns

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    your best bet is craigslist going for a used comercial mower
  3. dgfitz

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    The 400 series snappper z would fill the need, or the 300 series . website
    shows list price only, but most dealers will discount. Very reliable machines
    and rugged. I have a Husquvarna but the snappers usually have have more
    dealers availible.
  4. oldcrappymower

    oldcrappymower LawnSite Member
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    Although the 400 series seems to up the ante with frame construction, I think that's out of my budget. The 300 series seems like a good possibility though and there is a dealer close to my place that also appears to carry Toro, so I think I might owe them a visit.

  5. oldcrappymower

    oldcrappymower LawnSite Member
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    Looks like the same place is a Husqvarna dealer as well. Bonus.
  6. oldcrappymower

    oldcrappymower LawnSite Member
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    So I'm wondering what I should look for as criteria when looking for commercial mowers on Craigslist? I have been watching there and haven't seen much in my budget, but can you give me an idea of stats to use as ballpark figures?

    I know some listings talk about hours run.
    What about age?
    Horse Power?
    How do I determine if I'm getting a 'commercial' mower when I'm looking on Craigslist?

  7. Capemay Eagle

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    Husqvarna is probably the best bang for the buck right now. However to me it seems that you may get a better deal going with a lawn tractor vs the ZTR. On the Husq website the top of the line LS series tractor has a MSRP of $3199.
  8. oldcrappymower

    oldcrappymower LawnSite Member
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    I feel like with a flat yard with no trees, the tractor is probably more sensible, but so is buying a minivan...

    Persuade me a little on your thinking. The tractor doesn't sound as fun to drive, it sounds slower and I really don't want to spend the next ten years wishing I'd bought a ztm.

  9. jrs.landscaping

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    Craigslist is great if you know what to llok for in a used mower, we have had good luck but we only purchase mowers we currently run and have experience with. My advice is go to a dealer and look at their trade ins, yes there are salesmen who will try to sell you anything, but they still have a reputation to worry about if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

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