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Need a new mower... What to buy??

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I have several 10k sq ft Residential lots to mow and a few 5k lots also. I need to pick up a new mower. Any suggestions on what i should buy? I am just using 21" push mower's now and was thinking it is time to upgrade.

Can somebody give me some ideas of what your using?
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Check out the Snapper Pro sw20.

I just bought one, and here are the advantages I've noticed already.

1. Price. After the mower, 2 wheeled sulkey, side bagger, and tax, it's less than $5200.
2. Quality. I can't find anything (welds, bolts, etc) on the mower that make it any less built than an eXmark or Scag.
3. Large rear tires. Good for slopes and handling.
4. Ease of deck height adjustment.
5. Ease of hydro release for pushing around if broken down or in the shop.
6. Ease of oil drain.

I can't say anything on quality of cut or long term viability yet, but man, this mower is going to save me so much time over my old 21" it's not even funny.

Good luck with your decision.
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