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Need a new mower


LawnSite Member
Knoxville, TN
I'm looking for a new or used walk-behind mower for under 2500 i've looked at a few but cant figure out which one would be the best. can someone tell me which one they would go for if they had 2500?


LawnSite Bronze Member
A used Exmark, either 36" or 48", depending on if I had gates to negotiate.:drinkup:


LawnSite Platinum Member
Atlanta, GA
You should probably provide more details on what you're using it for to get a better answer. Home or commercial use? Small or big lots? Gates? Slopes? Lots of wet days?

$2500 buys a "big brand" (Toro,Exmark,Scag, etc) 32/36" fixed deck belt drive wb or a "2nd tier" (Great Dane, Gravely,Cub, Lesco, Encore) brand 48" mower with a little more hp. And that's sales volume and price, not necessarily quality on that "tier" thing.

Going used would of course buy more mower in terms of size or power, and features like floating deck. Belts are a little safer bet used since they are simpler and less expensive to replace the various modular components on.

A hydro wb would be a fairly well used one to come in at that price. Nothing wrong, but you need to know how to inspect them before buying, which sounds a bit much for you at this point.