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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by goldrush36, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I have a SRM-210 and I have had it for 5 years and it has never quit! I believe the equivalent now is the SRM-225. However, I myself am getting ready to get a new trimmer and I am going to get the Stihl FS90. I thought about the Echo SRM-225 since the Echo has been so good, but I would like to give the Stihl a whirl this time considering how much I love my BR600 mag. The wife asked what I wanted for Xmas and this is what I want. She is getting off easier than I am :cry:
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    Hmmmm, don't give up on ECHO. Sounds like they have done you well. I would have to say that of all the manufacturers out there, stihl and ECHO have been around the longest producing quality equipment.
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    I went with a 2 stroke as they have better low end. This guy's video explains why and shows why....even though he is a bit wordy, he has a very good point:

    The 4 stroke/4mix units have a gutless low/med end to them.
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    I cant entirely agree with your statement or the Stihl nut in the youtube video. He's not telling the entire story. They fs250r may produce more TQ than the 4-mix it's compared against in this video but that is the PEAK TQ which really means nothing other than, you have to have it wide open to cut stuff down like a savage. The fs250 also has a 40.2cc engine while the fs130 has a smaller 36.3cc motor. When talking TQ, size matter. I really am not versed in the Stihl 4-mix products but saying that a 4 stroke is gutless and has no low/mid range TQ is completely contradictory to the TQ curve 4 cycle combustion creates, which is much flatter (this means that the TQ is actually useable throughout the rev range and not only at the upper end with it wide open) curve and also larger amounts available in the low/mid RPM range.

    I dont want to start an argument but I will happily participate in a conversation of opposing views as long as facts are represented and things stay cordial.
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    This is the internet. How long until we start posting offensive pictures at each other?
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    Anytime now.
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    To the mac? Like a gt500 to a smart car... against the beat up srm210 it still feels quite substantial but that could be due to the condition of it to begin with
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    Messages: 731 is this. I have one of each, the FS90R and the FS250. They both have plenty of power, but do operate in different RPM ranges for sure. The FS90 is much more efficient on fuel, and unlike others I havent run into the "all or nothing" trigger issue that some have complained about. The FS 90 is bit lighter than the 250, and has the ability to run additional attachments. The FS250 is limited to only a tiller attachment or use as a string trimmer, however if you prefer the two stroke feel in a trimmer, the 250 wont let you down. Plenty of power, and very quick response. Although a bit heavy, not overly bearing (a matter of opinion each person much see for themselves). The 250 goes through fuel much quicker as well. This is also in part to the fact that I believe its designed to run in a much higher RPM range.

    When I purchased the FS90R, I bought it used because it wasnt running properly. I did have to buy a new carb for it, and since then its worked fine. Based on that, its entirely possible that it is in fact sensitve to ethanol fuel. For the "occasional" user, that can easily be overcome by purchasing the stihl pre mixed gas. its not cheap, but its hi grade, no ethanol fuel that is premixed with their syn two stoke oil. Or just be sure your getting non ethanal fuel if you can find it, and mix your own.

    I dont think you can go wrong with either unit, just depends on what your preferences are. There you go, a cordial response with a few facts along the way. Of the two units, I like them both. I have winterized my FS90 at this point, and am continuing to use my FS250 for the end of season work, but that wasnt because one is better than the other. Its only because the FS90 has the crappy version gas cap, and it broke two weeks ago...LOL. So if you buy a used one, I say get the one with the newest version screw on cap, and stay away from the lift and turn version. For the record: my son broke it, and probably didnt understand how it was supposed to be secured. So operator error may have been part of the reason it broke.

    One last note about the four mix engine over the two stroke, they run a bit quieter too. Im fairly new to the Stihl game, but those are my findings so far.

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