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need a plant(s) that drinks a lot


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i will be installing a small, well, 35ft x 12 ft, bed at the top of a crosstie wall.
my customer wants to put something in to take some of the moisture out because the way the drainage is , at times, water seeps through the x tie wall.
one problem is she wants low growing plant cause the house is down below the wall.. it is about 6 foot high.
can this be remedied in this way? i will probably suggest a tree in the one corner.it wont block the houseand should
soak up most of the moisture. anyideas or criticisms would be appreciated.


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Central Jersey
I don't know of any shrubs that will 'take mositure away'. However, Bog Rosemary is something that can survive in very wet conditions and will stay compact. I believe it is in the Andromeda family...but I'm not sure can someone verify this?.?.?.?. :help:

As far as a tree the good ol' Weeping Willow. But be very careful, they can get into drainage pipes, sewer lines, etc. and are a real mess to keep after with all the fallen branches. But they will soak up a lot of water.


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zone 7 CA
Once the soil is saturated and the plants and tree's have absorbed all they can,then you will still get leakage out of the wall,no matter what even willows can only absorb so much water at a time.In winter when dormant they wiil absorb evn less water than in the active growing season.
In winter is when you will get the most rain,so I would not think that is a fix for the problem..I would not use a willow anyway it will get into the wall if planted that close.
I suggest putting in drainage to carry the water away from the wall.


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yeah, i was thinkin along those same lines . but, i figured
that it couldnt hurt to see if anyone knew something that I didnt. (that has happened ...once or twice!!) thanks for the help.