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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Grounds Control, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Grounds Control

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    I have a redmax eb7001 blower that won't stay running at speeds above an idle. In fact i have to fully choke it to keep it idling.

    I have checked the following: Air cleaner, gas filter, tore apart and cleaned carb, removed and checked exhaust port, muffler and sparkarrester.

    Is it due to humidity/temps? No adjustment for jetting. Any tricks?

    Thanks in advance
  2. CCWKen

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    Sounds like a fuel problem or lack there of. If the carb is a Walbro style, Did you replace the pump reeds in the carb? These typically get hard and don't seal after a while. Also, the ports in 2-cycle carbs are very small. It doesn't take much to clog one up. (Smaller than a grain of sand.)
  3. Grounds Control

    Grounds Control LawnSite Member
    from 01748
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    i did not replace any parts in the carb. But fuel does make sense. i will look for a rebuild kit.
  4. fishinpa

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    FYI: I have a new Echo string trimmer and the ratio is rated 50:1. I tried running it a bit rich the other day by using some 40:1 and it ran like crap. About like you mentiond. I could get the rpm's up but I had to take it there REALLY slowly.

    Double checking your mix might be a good idea berfore having to output cash.
  5. ArchZangel

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    u have to choke it too run right, then it is running lean. Either it is pulling air in somewhere it shouldn't or the fueling system is failing.
  6. khouse

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    i would buy a new carb. sounds like you've already worked on it with no results. i cant tell you but i have torn apart and soaked some carbs several times and it still didn't fix tha carb problem. i would buy a new carb and it would. some carbs are just a pain in the a$$
  7. vipermanz

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    try the rebuild kit first
  8. Grounds Control

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    excellent advice........

    to follow up i changed out (with new parts) gas filter, vent assy tubes from tank and gas cap assy. ran better but not right. finally i gave in and swapped the carb with a new one and it runs like new.

    i did take apart and clean and reassemble the carb (with no new parts). Is it worth the $12 in a rebuild kit to fix it up? (a new carb set me back $48) Can it be fiddle with as far as the jetting? any up grade to an adj carb?

    Thanks for your help....i'm blowing my customers away again!

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