Need a right hand man for Loganville, Ga.!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by johnnybravo8802, Jan 12, 2010.

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    :laugh::laugh: Yeah, for some reason wives just don't like us to have those young pretty thangs:laugh: I just can't figure them out!
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    I sent you a pm. I am willing to come and work. I am flexible to work with. Let me know where to send a resume.
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    I got your email, but just wanted to say. It's hard to get reliability from someone that doesn't need the money. If you want really good help and a guy that can run a crew and be a self starter usually he will a guy that needs to work for money. Someone that just does it for spending money will make a little and not work again. I know kinda what you're going through, but I think you're looking for someone that isn't out there. There are lots of guys that are looking for work, but they will all need to be paid. If they don't they won't be around long. I would be more leary of someone that didn't need to be paid, I would wonder where his money was coming from, maybe drugs, or theft... Think about it. I'm not trying to push, just get you thinking.
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    he didn't say he offers no pay or little pay, he said the harder you work the more you can make. In other words "Put lots a green in my pocket, and I'll put some of it back in yours!"

    Not to get side tracked but I've had guys that were good workers, come out and tell me "It's not fair you charge $x.xx and just pay me $x.xx, I should be making more money????:hammerhead::hammerhead::hammerhead::confused:

    I tell'em well you go out buy $100,000 worth of equipment and tools, get licensed, certified etc.. get the customers, hire some dumb azz's like you, and PAY TAXES on the whole sumbi%*h and YOU CAN KEEP WHAT'S LEFT!!

    I've had 2 of em do just that, quit and started their own companys. But mostly just dumb looks and more dumb questions. Pay TAXES whats that?:hammerhead::hammerhead::cry::cry:
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    mowman, I sent johnnybravo an email saying I was ready to work and he sent back that he really wanted someone who did not have a family and didn't really need to get paid on time. I just wanted him to think about what kind of person that would be. I think he is serious about needing help just not thinking it through all the way. To get good help takes more than just needing help, it takes a committment to manage work and payroll together. I struggled for years needing help and not having the money to hire anyone. It ended up costing me all my accounts because I didn't manage all the aspects of payroll and business too well.
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    I think you misunderstood me. What I was trying to point out is that I'm going from being solo to running a crew and having to fork out a lot of money in labor. I need a good right hand man but will also have to hire a third person and a fourth and fifth at times. I have the work but need to make sure I have the cash flow-with some of my customers paying every 45-50 days, it makes the cash flow tight(Gearing up as a solo person is much different than running a three person crew). A college student can weather the growing pains better than a man with a family and mortgage-that's the point I was making. No, I always pay on time and that's where I am a stickler. I just have to make sure I can pay my bills. That's why I am screening people to make sure I get the right fit and they get the right job.:waving:
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    I guess I did misunderstand you. I hope you find somebody.
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    UPDATE FOR ADD!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to clear some things up. I am looking for a local guy to Loganville, Ga. ONLY!!!!! I am a small company-solo guy who hires up to 4 guys as needed but am geared up for being solo. I will be going through some growing pains and need a man who can weather the storm while I build my company and make it a great place to work. I DO NOT feel comfortable hiring someone from out of town or state-If it doesn't work out, I don't want someone having to relocate back to California with sore feelings.:cry:(Just an example).

    I had a best friend who worked with me for a year and was majorly injured twice in less than 6 months(He was clumsy) and now I can't hire him back for liability reasons(So much for hiring family/friends!). I had a 54 yr. old man who worked for me for 1.5 yrs. and I had to fire him because he smoked light a freight train, had an anger problem, and insisted on doing it his way. It was his way or the highway so now he's staring at a lot of white lines.

    I am looking for a non-smoker. I tried to work with my last worker who was a smoker but he didn't work with me and now I have a no-smoking policy.

    I am not against hiring a man with wife and kids but not from out of state-I can't take on that kind of responsibility while I'm going through growing pains. I don't want to be responsible for "Little Sally" not getting the Webkinz she so much had her heart set on.:)

    If you think this sounds like you, PM me.
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    You might talk to your lawyer first or take some HR classes because some of the stuff you are saying will get you sued in a heart beat if you tell them to prospective employees.........

    Buisness is just that amigo, if someone want's to move out and it does not work out then it is on them because they took the risk. Who cares if little sally can't get her bike or whatever...... if the employee agrees to X amount and hour and that is not enough for him her get his daughter something then that is his problem.

    Keep home and home and work at work...... that should go for everyone in this world. If you feel responsible then you are a pretty weak buisnessman honestly... Tell people they may get 40 hours a week or may get 2.. if they still want the job then cool. Good luck tough find a college kid wanting that kind of hours, they have bill's, you will most likley be stuck looking for high schooler's.... but you would never catch me hiring someone under 18......
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    I'll figure it out.

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