Need a sod farm in Ft Myers Florida

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Maitland Man, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Maitland Man

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    I'll be helping a family member in the Ft Myers area in the coming weeks. Can anyone help me with a local sod farm and irrigation house close-by? I'll be needing 10 pallets of Floratam St. Auggie sod and a bunch of misc h2o parts. I really don't wanna use home cheopo h2o parts....Thanks in advance for any help rendered. .......:waving:

  2. cpel2004

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    Home Cheapo sells some of the same parts as my John Deere irrigation store. I would just do a google search for a Sod farm.
  3. Sunscaper

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    Classic Turf in Lake placid or Bethel Farms in Arcadia.
  4. brownings

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    Come to Lake Placid,

    Sommers Irrigation has everything and there are many sod farms here to choose from.

    Bring your own pallets or pay 6 dollars a piece. Try Duda Sod, or 621 sod, also look around there are some in Sebring (Gulfkist) which isnt far and sells good quality turf.
  5. boonehockey

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    theres duda farms in occoe for floratam. but you have to be a contractor to go there. theres also a irrigation supplly store on fairbanks avenue in winter park
  6. Lawn-Sharks

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    PM Me and let me know what your going to be paying for sod i have a friend that buys Floratam sod and delivers it for me cheaper then anyone else. I can see if he would be interested in selling some to you.
  7. jamze7417

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    Hey, Im in Cape coral, about to re sodd my yard so ive been researching the same thing... Arcadia has good choices, and prices but they will only sell to contractors. Im going though Other Side Sod, they sell to everyone. I just got off the phone with them this morning and they would drop off 10 palets of floratam in my driveway for $1235. 31Cents a SQFT which seems to be the best prices i can find. Im probably going to go with the Ultimate Flora Zoysia and thats 1400 for 10 pallets dropped in the driveway. They are up in arcadia and deliver to the cape and fort myers. Hope this helps
  8. brownings

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    just a thought. Why don't you go to your local town and open a landscaping business or contact the USDA about being a stock dealer.

    a business license is alot cheaper than the loss your going to incur by paying retail.

    I bought 19 pallets of floratam here recently and paid the pallet fee for a total of 1064. I had a trucker bring it to me for 300.

    good luck
  9. okeefl

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  10. Sunscaper

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    forgot about OSS!!! They are cheaper than anyone else here by far. Don't know about the quality though.

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