Need a suggestion for line voltage up/down and down sconces

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by bcg, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. bcg

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    I'm working on a project that will include some exterior sconces on the garage and need some suggestions on what to use. I'm looking for something bronze or with a bronzed brass finish to go where the 3 yellow circles are. I need a down sconce for the left and up/down sconces for the other 2 locations. The plan is to core drill and place 3 lights in front of the garage doors as well.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. LLC RI

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    I'm assuming that you want line voltage because there are already line voltage boxes, feeds in those locations?

    If so... you can use any low voltage fixture like Nightscapings Chaperone and use the LPC option ( low profile canopy). If there are boxes in the brick, you should be able to fit a small 50-60 watt electronic transformer to break the line voltage down to 12 volts.

    They offer an Earthtone finish which is brown and would blend in nicely on the brick. I would recommend the honeycomb louvers in the down lights especially and use a 20 watt 60 degree in the bottom and maybe the same in the top, unless you want it brighter.

    If you want something fancy, check out and see some of their up/down lights in line voltage.

    Good luck

  3. LLC RI

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    If you are going to core drill for the garage doors?? you mean above the door, in the brick? so you'll want like a Nightscaping SOffitliter that you can recess in to the brick that is above the door.. the bottom side of the brick and you'll get a nice downlight on the doors.. 2 for the big and 1 for the small.

    You could also use the Nightscaping stylist.. .( esp if you go with the chaperone on the up/downs' ) and use the stylist aiming down only. That fixture will give you some adjustability so you can project the beam of light so it just grazes the doors surface, with the rest of it going down to the driveway pad.
  4. bcg

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    Thanks, I considered using an inline transformer but I'd really rather find something that is just line voltage, one less thing to fail.

    I'm going to core drill the driveway and uplight the doors, like this -

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  6. bcg

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    Thanks. Kichler has a line voltage version of that but I'd really like something that fits up against the brick with a 1/2 circle. Unique does have a high voltage version of the Orion that might fit but I'd like to have some other options to consider as well. The Orion isn't exactly what I'm looking for but it'll do if I can't find what I want.
  7. RLI Electric

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    I believe Vision 3 has some stuff. Check out Lumiere (Cooper Lighting) Westwood model. I never used it but it looks nice.
  8. LLC RI

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    As I said then, if you want line voltage, check out

    They have a decent variety of decorative and architectural up/down fixtures.

    As for core drilling the driveway to uplight the doors.... just my opinion... but I would do one or the other. The up/ down lights along the sides of the doors will / should spread to light below. If anything, look into sneaking something under the garage door frame to downlight. The doors look so much better downlit and you get more light on the ground ahead of the door to aid in driving in and out... etc. as I said.. just my opinion.
  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    There is another advantage to converting to / using low voltage fixtures and lamps vs. combining the use of Line & Low voltage and that is lamp consistency in terms of output, colour, etc.

    You will find it pretty hard to match output and beam consistency when mixing lamps. Personally I would recommend you use a small ELV transformer in the junction boxes and go with a LV up/down fixture. This way you can keep the same lamp in the wall fixtures as in the cored well lights. I would recommend you look at the LET60LW ELV Trans from Lightech. They are superior to all others and the new low watt versions are compatible with most LED lamps.

    On that note, you might want to seriously consider using quality LED lamps from Illumicare Group. The beam patterns are so much more consistent and free from the sirations and abberations that plague most halogen MR16 lamps beams. (shameless, and yet helpful plug)
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    I hope your having a great year and it will be nice to see you again in Orlando next year.

    SPJ has a great variety of sconces that are line voltage. Colour temperature is 2700K. You could also look to Escort lighting to have something made to match the decor (or something totally unique) of the rest of the outside fixtures.
    On a side note, do you really want to illuminate the aluminum siding from the those lights? I think the garage doors would look amazing lit from below as you noted but sometimes I always ask why and what am I going to light?
    I think a fixture that is somewhat different than the average residence would be perfect in that application as you would notice them while not lit during the day.
    My intention is totally friendly as I know that your design skills are nothing but spectacular.
    Let us know what you decide on as I would be very interested to see this project once complete.
    Take care.


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