Need a Toro mechanis who knows the old Suzuki two strokes.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Indy452, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Indy452

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    I'm dealing with my commercial Toro two stroke mowers with Suzuki engines on them.
    I finally found a donor for my 22040 and I'm confused about the whole flywheel/coil thing and I also have a question about the output/lower shaft.

    First of all I've been down my 22040 for a coil failure since June 07 leaving the 22043 and a LB 10515 for the commercial push mowing jobs I have.
    I prefer the 22040 because it is lighter and I'm not a big fan of the BBC on the 22043.

    I found a very nice older Toro three speed with BBC for fifty bucks. I could use the coil/flywheel and the recoil and the air cleaner box and its nice to have an extra carb also but then I'm stuck with the rest. The tranny and wheel parts are nice and some are new but I don't really need them. The deck is nice and the bag is good but its just more bulk to store. The shortblock is an item of inetrest to me and I'm hoping someone out there knows something about these and can help.

    What I want to know about the output shaft on the Suzuki engines is; Are the shafts on the BBC shaft the same as on a straight non BBC engine?
    Basically will the BBC engine replace the 22040 engine? The parts viewer shows a different crankshaft but the picture looks the same. Anybody experienced on this? Basically, will the regular blade adapter fit when I get all the BBC stuff pulled off and are the shafts the same length etc? Please help.

    My other question regarding the flywheels is; Why do you need to replace flywheels when you change out the CD packs? They had an older style and a newer style? I'm not talking points here just electronic ignition. My 22043 and my 22040 have two seperate CD packs that will not interchange without swapping the flywheel. Strange huh?

    One more question, How do you remove the flywheel on a Suzuki as I've never pulled a suzuki's flywheel before.

    Thanks, Neal
  2. topsites

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    I'm sorry this doesn't help much but flywheels I find easiest with a gear puller.
  3. sawman65

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    two differant engines even though they look the same they are not you can use the wheels and such but the engines will not match up. sorry
  4. F Y P M

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    The crankshafts in the engines are the same however below the deck is where you will run into the problem on the bbc everything internally is the same. The crank on the bbc has places to assemble the clutch(bearings) etc.
    The old style coil is made by falon which is no longer available however I've heard of an aftermarket coil that will work, just can't remember right now. I found it beneficial to change flywheel and coil to new style. Really only difference is size of magnets on flywheel.
    BBC and non BBc are not interchangeable because of crankshaft below the deck. In order to do the job you will have to change cranks. Good news is the carbs,ignition ,rewind, and shortblock are all worth good money. Can never kill the suzuki 2 cycle, best 2 cycle ever made.
  5. Indy452

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    Thanks for the replies. F Y P M, Thanks for the tidbit on the coils and flywheels. I feel better now knowing I'm not totally crazy.

    You say the cranks are different under the deck? I can understand that but I'm planning on stripping all the bbc stuff off and not using any bbc. I just want to be able to put the standard blade hub on and blade. Will it still not work or are the mounting holes and slots different?

    Thanks, Neal
  6. mcduff48

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    What is the serial number on your TORO? Different years used different engin numbers? If you give me your fax # I will send you the break downs for replacement parts
  7. Indy452

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    Thanks mcduff but I tore into it yesterday and have resolved all the issues I was having. I replaced the coil and flywheel from a known good engine to the 22040.
    I'll have loads of spare parts from the "donor" to use on my 22043 which is a BBC model.
    It really sucks pulling the flywheel from a twenty y/o engine cause they are a bear but I got it done without any damage take a looksie.....


    I ended up using some heat as well as the silikroil just under the main nut. It finally gave after a few cranks of the claw puller.:weightlifter:


    And here is what I paid fifty bucks for a complete Toro mower for.


    And this last picture shows the crank on a BBC model when its all stripped of the goods. So its definatelly different than a straight shaft model. Oh well I have an extra BBC shortblock which was in very good shape also.

    See ya,:waving: Neal


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