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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kc2006, Dec 24, 2005.

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    Can someone help me with web design? I just switched over to a different host site today. I had godaddy and went with, I left godaddy because the page creator lacked big time. I couldn't put my own templete on, only could use their cheap templetes and was limited to design.

    Well the new hosting site doesn't have a web creator, they have a design service that costs alot, but I was going to use one of the templetes from gopher's site and just create my own. Well I tried using microsoft frontpage and I can't figure it out at all. Is there anything else out there cheap or free that is a better web design program that is easy to understand? I emailed the tech support at besthostingspot and they got my info for godaddy so they can transfer the files over to their site for me (again since I didn't know how). So at least the old site should be up still while I tinker with a new one.
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    I'm curious to know as to why you switched from GoDaddy? What price are you paying for your hosting at your new site? Looking at their basic design package, I can't believe that you are only allowed 300 words and it costs you $195 a year.

    I didn't get far into looking at their page, so I don't know what the price you are going to be paying is.. My question is this.. If you are going to be leaving Website Tonight and going with an independant web builder, why didn't you just get your hosting account from GoDaddy?

    Economy Plan:
    • 5,000 MB Space • 250 GB Transfer
    • 500 Email Accounts • 50 Email Forwards
    • 10 MySQL Databases
    • No advertising banners
    2 months: Just $3.95/mo
    12 months: Just $3.56/mo SAVE 10%!
    24 months: Just $3.16/mo SAVE 20%!

    How does the place you went with compare to that in price and services?

    edit: By the way.. looking over the "besthostingspot" website, I hope they do a better job handling customers than they do with their spelling.. they have "Hosting Planes" , "Middel of the Road" , "custmer satisfaction", "fast rliable servers" , and they even let you read "testemonals" (whatever the hell those are).

    I hope if they have spell check software.. that they didn't write it.
  4. kc2006

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    I just got another email from them, their customer support is great, they have 24/7 support but its starting to be a mess.

    They can't transfer the website over to theirs from godaddy, the guy can't find the files or something, and I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff. To be honest I'm not even sure what their prices are, I saw hosting for 3.95 or 4.95 and I got 3 months free through Gopher Software's site, so I figured why not switch over and see how they are. I'm kind of made though because it was 15 dollars to transfer to this other site and now I'm out of a website. So I told the guy in the last email if he can't find the files let me know and I'll just cancel the service and end up going back over to godaddy and probably be out 30 dollars for the whole mess.
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    Well I gave them another chance and I must of misunderstood the agreement. They are creating the website for me for free also. Its currently being created.

    But service seems to be great, they're working on the site today (christmas) and they answer questions 24/7 so the process is moving along quickly. They're actually helping alot, setting everything up for me. Which is great because I have no clue how to transfer everything and set it all up.

    Still not sure about price, but their support is great. So it's worth the investment for someone with little computer knowledge like me.
  6. kc2006

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    What do you guys think? I know what I think, but I want to see what others are thinking.
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    Looks good.

    Hey, I'm curious. Before you switched over, were you using the new version of WebSite Tonight (3.0 that was just released) or were you using the old 2.7.7 version? I looked briefly at the new 3.0 version and it was widely expanded. It had a totally blank page template called "clean slate" that didn't have any restrictions on placement.
  8. kc2006

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    I was using the old, I just saw the new version right after I switched :(

    Theres a few things I'm not happy about with the new site. The templete that was used from gophers website is great. The guy at the new place didn't set up the banner right up top, it sits way too far to the right. He created a new button, the "about us" button and its clear as day that its totally different. And there were some other little things I wasn't happy with. Plus I still can't figure out how to even edit the site.
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    Hey kc2006

    Here are some things I have noticed.

    1. Your titles for your pages need to be more descriptive on what the pages content is is a good idea to include some keywords in the title as well.

    2. You do not have any meta tags for 'keywords' or 'description'

    3. Your banner is too large for 1024 x 768...I wonder what it looks like on 800 x 600...this means that your site did not have a testing stage in the creation process.

    4. Your page headers font is in Ariel, and your page content is in Times Roman...look ill proportioned.

    5. Estimate button does not load on the 'Services' need to rollover it to problem...and 'Estimates' button changes from 'Estimates' to 'Estimates Form' depending what page you are on. Your 'about us' button is not working properly on your 'Our Insurance' page.

    6. On the 'Estimates' page you have blank white space in the bottom of your nav menu.

    7. On the 'Contact Us' page your email is not ASCii converted...I hope you like spam...check this site here to see what I mean.

    8. Half of the buttons are different than the rest.

    Just a few items I noticed. I know you had someone create this for 'free' for you, but is this a reflection of the quality of work that you do?
  10. newz7151

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    I still think the number of miss spelled words on their website should have been a possible tip off to the work that they do. And you still don't know the costs? Why not see if GoDaddy would be willing to take you back, and see how you like WST 3.0 ?

    and yes, I see the ThinkHost banner at the top of LS.. but with their prices, how's a lawnguy supposed to afford that?

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