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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kc2006, Dec 24, 2005.

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    technically I won't have to pay to switch back over to godaddy since the domain hasn't been transferred yet.

    I'm going to switch it back and tell them at the other site to cancel my account. Like Richard said, all these problems (and he found alot more then me) reflect my business and I don't like it. I'll just leave the domain name at godaddy until I find a good site to go with or try out the new editor on godaddy and make my own site. The old site I had was good I thought (prior to the current mess), it wasn't high tech but it got the message across and it was clean.
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    Here's the thing.. If you are going to stay at GoDaddy...

    Keep the website that you have right now that you made with WST 2.7.

    Order Website Tonight Complete (this is the one where you design it on your computer and then FTP it up to a hosting server instead of doing it all online real time. Make sure they send you 3.0. Actually, I believe you can download Website Tonight Complete, and then get the CD for backup. Then, once you've read through the instructions, and you have your website designed on your computer, THEN all you have to do is upload it to your hosting site and that way your website won't have much if any downtime while you rebuild the site.

    I ended up with 3.0 but had to call and have the downgrade me back to 2.7 because i did not have time to hurry and learn 3.0 since our site was already down. If you get the Complete version and can lay everything out and build the site on your computer first, you will probably like the results much better.

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