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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by birddseedd, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. CustomGrounds

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    Yeah here in nj we generally start mowing a few lawns starting end of march then almost all people by 2nd week of april. Iv alwasy hung from like middle of march to middle of april but this year im thinking of hanging till end of may and see what happens.
  2. birddseedd

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    What do you guys think will be better, to do mass mailers with the post office, or put the flyer in the screen door? which means less flyers, but maybe more effective?
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    Not sure about your state, but I'm from NJ and I don't think we can just make door hangers and deliver them. I think each particular town would make you get a solictor permit or something. Not 100% sure about that.
  4. birddseedd

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    overall in Michigan i do not think it is a problem. there are random areas around the nation that things like this are illegal.

    a common misconception is that it is illegal to put flyers on mailboxes. i have read the law over and over. its only illegal if you put it into the mail box. that wont stop you from getting chewed out by someone that does not know the law tho.

    in any case. mailing or handing out in the screen door might actually be more effective.
  5. CustomGrounds

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    Im in Nj iv done door hangers the last few years. Never had a problem. Never did more then a few thousand a season tho. A larger attack plan may brinmg some trouble maybe
  6. CustomGrounds

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    I feel like anything in the mailbox area is just like considered junk mail by most. The door hangers still have the junk feel to them but not as much. I was getting 3 weeklys for every 100 i passed out. Thats numbers you can not argue with.
  7. birddseedd

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    wow. 3 percent. thats pretty dang good. i think the mailbox was part of why mine havnt been effective
  8. TFLE

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    I'm working on making my own billboards and landscape displays around town. I have a couple leads on some lots. I approach land owners, empty lots, lots with a lot of empty space in area I want to target and put up landscape displays with a billboard. I just started working on it and haven't gotten anyone to say yes to put a billboard up yet but I am confident I will get some. I offer to maintain the lot during the duration of the billboard/display. A a lot cheaper than a real billboard. And makes more of a statement.
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    Why not let the post office deliver early when there is still a bit of snow. And you will be ahead of your competition. Be sure to have an early-bird special or coupon.
    Pass doorhangers by hand as soon as you can walk from house to house without falling on the ice. Do it now because you will be busy doing the work as soon as the season starts.
    ALSO...your competition will be passing out brochures and mailing them big time as soon as the season breaks. You could be lost in a flood of other companies brochures. Scotts and all the garden stores in town will be having sales also.

    If you have a prime neighborhood--its a good time to address first class mail to that neighborhood's prime targets.
  10. birddseedd

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    I'm hoping to order them next week. not sure about post office delivery. its only 16 c per card but might not be as effective. might do both.

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