Need Advice About Exmark


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Mercer PA
My Exmark "LZS740KC524"is about 2 years old with 1700hrs. I am currently having 2 problems that my local dealer cant figure out.

First problem is the mower will stall out for an unknown reason. When it stalls I can fire it right back up immediately. Sometimes when it begins to stall out Ill throttle down all the way and it will idle instead of shut off. This is a very random problem, no consistency what so ever. The fuel tank has been flushed and fuel filter changed. When it stalls there is a strong smell of exaust for a sec or two.

Problem 2
My right motion control arm is very loose "sloppy" I figured hydraulic pump but dealer says no. Im sure as most of you know if your at a stand still and you push the control arms forward fast you pop the front end up...If I do it now it barely gets off of the ground. When slowing down as im about to turn , I slowly pull the right arm back and the right wheel stops moving and slids up the yard for a second. Then it begins to turn back as it should. The dealer said It was the steering dampers and they replaced them. NO LUCK.

Ended up paying almost $300.00 for the damper repair and fuel tank flush and neither did anything to solve the problems. any advice would be great. Also if anyone knows of a site to help diagnose problems with their equipment please let me know because I get tired of paying the dealer a ton of $ to "try to find the problem". They sell and work on exmarks every day for many years, shouldn't be that tough!!! Thanks

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