Need Advice! Annuals for Commercial Site.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DiggerDan, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Hello. New to this site. I work for the Forestry/Landscape department for a city in the Twin Cities area.

    We're installing annual beds in the medians at our city hall/ civic arena/Library complex. And I'm looking for advice/suggestions.

    I'm looking for something low maintenance...doesn't require lots of deadheading to keep looking good. We use a ton of petunias on other sites. Boss wants to use something else. Right now he's thinking zinnias. These are going to be large beds and we have our hands full as it is. Site is irrigated. Small trees exist in medians...crabapples and lindens. We will be planting around the trees.

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    What about Lantana "New Gold"... drought tolerant, fast growing, full of blooms...
    Or Begonias, Impatients - either new guinne(sp?) or regular (If irrigated), salvia (I like victoria blue) mixed with vinca, Sweet Potato Vine (Chartruse-very agressive and colorful), coleus, perennials (Hostas, rudebekia, gerber daisies, coreposis,etc) or even install small evergreen ground covers...(Not sure of your zone, so you may want to check into it) we like to use dianthus 'bathes pink' or 'firewitch'. Lots to choose from, but I am from the South, so I am not familiar with what is hardy in your area.
    Summer annuals are easy to incorporate a feeling of "Tropical" since the temps are warm. If you have an open area in the sun, I suggest starting with something tall and scale it down to a low spreading variety. This creates contrast and is visually stimulating. For instance, having some cannas in the back add height (any where from 2-4').
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    Check out this pics. You can see what I am refering to when I say Scaling Down in annuals. These utilized caladiums, another great choice. Good luck!


  4. LB1234

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    For low maintenance and good color I would choose begonias

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