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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by C4chris70, Mar 7, 2011.

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    First off let me say that we are located in central Florida. I have a client that lives in Texas and has a house he has been trying to rent in Florida that asked us to clean up the leaves and pine needles in his yard. We did the cleanup on Feb 15th and hauled away a full dump truck load of leaves and pine needles. This clients yard consists of several pine trees, a ficus tree, a rubber tree, and is surrounded by neighbors with oak trees. Today I get his check with a note for me to send him photos of the yard so he can see that the cleanup was done. We did the job three weeks ago, leaves are falling constantly this time of year in Florida. The time to ask for photos was when he asked us to do the work. What do I tell this guy? Now it looks like it did before we did the job, and I'm dam sure not doing another cleanup for him free of charge so his yard looks good for photos. I figured I would get some advice before I tell this guy to do something that is physically impossible!
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    The best thing is to call him and politely tell him that you would received his check and his note. You would be more than willing to go back to take pics but it has been almost a month since the cleanup and you are sure there will be more leaves and pine needles. You have his check, so don't sweat it too much.
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    i would tell the guy exactly what you just said. " i cleaned up 3 weeks ago, the leaves from the oaks trees have been falling..blah,blah,blah" the property has to look better then before you cleaned it up, and the dude should know it was messed up. tell him the truth man!
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    Probably my neighbor he just mowed in and he was telling me about having a home in Florida.
  5. C4chris70

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    If that's the case, I would consider moving!
  6. BrunoT

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    Take that check to a branch of HIS bank (if possible) and cash it immediately. If none around, call that bank and see if they have a procedure for presenting it for payment remotely. If you deposit it it could come back declined (either he stops payment or there's no money in the account) and you'd not only get stiffed, you'd get a returned check fee from your bank.

    You sure are trusting. An out-of-state customer with a home he can't sell and you did some major work, not just a quick mow. I figure if the guy gave a damn he'd not have let it get to be such a mess. People selling homes usually don't let them go to pot unless they themselves don't have a pot to whizz in.

    Call my a cynic, but the photo request thing, done AFTER the fact, WEEKS LATER, smacks of a con game. If he wanted proof why not ask up front? But it sure makes sense if you want to weasel out of payment. For a $30 stop-payment fee, he gets a $500 cleanup done. You gonna drive to Texas to sue? And if you did, his defense would be "he couldn't show me proof he ever did the work"
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    i would be paid in advance to do something like that unless i knew them personally...just explain that it's been weeks and more leaves and stuch have fallen since then and either he will pay you to do it again and ask for pics or he will just go away..either way cash his check first lol
  8. C4chris70

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    The job was done and done right. I have been mowing for this guy for several years and never has any issues. I even did a couple of cleanups for him in the past with no problems. This is the first time he ever asked for photos...after the fact. It just upsets me that it seems like he thinks I did not do the work, and honestly I have no way of proving I did with the leaves falling as fast as they are. Photos before and after from here on out.
  9. kilgoja

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    yeah i guess keep your cell phone handy and load them onto your computer at the end of each day lol
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    My wife's uncle lived in Texas and had a house on Tampa, 'til last week when he died! Hope that's not your guy or you may want to cash that check :)
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