Need advice Bobcat Pro, Pro SE or Big Dog X-1052

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mountainjogger, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. mountainjogger

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    Need some advice.

    I need to purchase a ZTR for my home/farm in the foothills of NC.

    Currently mow 3.5 to 4 acres per week and another 11 acres every other week. Will be planting some of this area next year so will be mowing 3.5 acres per week and 5 every other week.

    My neighbor (and good friend) who has a lawn service is having getting older and is starting to focus on smaller yards, so I am going back to mowing this myself.

    We have a lot of trees and barns to turn around. Except for one steep power easement slope, most of the area is fairly flat or gently rolling, but some of the fields are are a little bumpy.

    Service is important to me so I would like to go with the local dealer who has serviced my 5 chain saws, weed eater, bush eater and push mower for years. Service is incredible but dealer only carries Bobcat, Big Dog and Husquvarna.

    Demo'd a 2012 Big Dog X-1052. Was very agile and handled the one steep slope I have very well. However, there was a fair amount of vibration at high speed. At half about 3 to 5 mph, the cut was great. However, at 10 mph I had to mow the grass again because there were some blades missed on the first pass.

    Dealer has no Bogcat demos but will let me take any model home and drive it to my heart's content as long as I do not mow with it.

    I think I have narrowed it down to a a Big Dog X-1052 or a Bobcat Procat or Procat SE. All are supposed to be true commercial machines and have dual pumps/motors. The non-SE Procat has flat free tires and the upgraded seat/suspension.

    Concerns are ability to mow steep slope safely, comfort, and getting a machine that will hold up over time.

    Since this is the first time I have even sat on a ztr, I would really appreciate some advice.


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  2. pugs

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    Been selling Bobcat for 10-12 years now. Really great machines.

    Honestly the Procat and Procat SE are very similar. Go with the SE to save some cash or go with the other for extra comfort. Not familiar with Big Dog really so I cannot comment. Honestly have never even seen one of their mowers.

    I know you didnt mention them but if you are really wanting comfort you should look into Ferris.

    The Bobcat will definitely hold up over time, but if you want to mow at high speeds on terrain that might not be the smoothest even the extra anti vibration stuff isnt going to keep you from bouncing around a bit. Thats where the Ferris suspension comes in.
  3. mountainjogger

    mountainjogger LawnSite Member
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    Appreciate the advice. The Bobcat seemed to be a little more heavy duty.

    Problem with Ferris is that I would like to stick with my dealer because his service is great.

    Do question whether the no flat tires on the non-SE Bobcat will do as well on the slope and worry about marks around trees. Just something I read about.

    Also, was pretty commited to going with a Kawasaki engine but am intrigued by the Kohler EFI, have you gotten any feedback on the EFI?

    Thanks again!!!
  4. WilsonBoud

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    I'm not sure about the Bobcat, but some Big Dog mowers have plastic pulleys.

    One Big Dog owner (here somewhere) posted that after only his second mowing season with his Big Dog mower, had experienced pulley failure (a broken pulley). I don't recall which Big Dog model he had.

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  5. mountainjogger

    mountainjogger LawnSite Member
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    Wonder if it was a commercial or home owners model. Do not think the x 1052 has plastic. Thanks.
  6. whiffyspark

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    Why not husqvarna
  7. mountainjogger

    mountainjogger LawnSite Member
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    The dealer also has Husq. I have not researched them but visually, to my amateur eye, they did not look as sturdy. What would be the model for dual pumps/motors, commercial engine in 52 cut?
  8. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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    Pz is top of the line

    They are one of the best, right beside gravely
  9. mountainjogger

    mountainjogger LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. Are they made US?
  10. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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    There's a huge thread on here by a guy named jimq

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