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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Kennedy Landscaping, Jul 8, 2008.

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    This is a sketchup of what my backyard currently looks like. I am wanting to do some landscaping back there because sitting out on the deck in the evenings there is not much going on with the yard or anything like that. Under the deck no grass ever grows there so I was thinking put a big bed in under there. Near the A/C unit on the right side of the stairs off the deck I was thinking of putting a bed there also, there is already a rosebush there so it is kind of hard to trim up close to things near the A/C unit. And in the spot between the steps and the deck there is a little area probably 5*8 or something like that. In that area I was thinking of putting in a pond that is raised up maybe 10 inches or so and have some type of a waterfall of fountain in there with some lighting. The reason for the pond being so close to the deck is it would look sorta funny out in the middle of the yard i think. Plus you would be able to hear the sound of the water while sitting on the deck. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated! This is just a crapy microsoft paint sketchup but i dont really see the need to have expensive software.
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    I'd Add shade trees like oaks, cherry trees, or maples. Also it would be better to put the pond out in the yard or even incorporate it into the rock garden. Make that 5X8 space between the stairs a bed or add a Japanese maple and a small fountain or bird bath (or a couple of large rocks)

    Just some suggestions:waving:

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