Need advice for first cemetary bid

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GTLC, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. GTLC

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    Hey, I am going to put in a bid for 2 cemetarys both run by the same commitee in my town. I have never done any commercial properties or cemetarys before and have no experience with bids.
    the committee requires the successful bidder to follow this guideline:

    Successful bidder is to:
    Mow- 1st week of May
    Mow and trim- 2nd week of May
    Mow- 3rd week of May
    Mow and trim- 4th week of May

    Mow- 1st week of June
    Mow- 3rd week of June

    Mow and trim- just prior to 4th of July
    Mow- 3rd week of July

    Mow- 2nd week of August
    Mow- last week of August

    Mow and Trim- Just prior to Labor Day weekend

    Mow- Prior to weekend of september 28

    Final Mowing and trim- Mid October

    -They also require spring cleanup and fall cleanup and pruning.

    My measurements:

    Cemetary #1= approximately 130,000 square foot fenced area w/ aproximately 800 gravestones in many different sizes. This is one a hill, and about 65% of it is occupied w/ gravestones, the rest is empty.

    Cemetary #2= approximately 30,000 square foot relatively flat location w/ about 300 gravestones. About 80% is occupied w/ gravestones.

    I am looking at least a $60/hour rate MINIMUM.

    I have one other bidder.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. GTLC

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    Please, I just need some help. The bid is due in two days!
  3. ParkerLawn

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    Best advice: RUUUUUUUNNNN, run very fast. Cemeteries are nightmares. It may seem like good money but it only takes one tieme to ask yourself, what was I thinking. Somebody has to do it, just don't let it be you. Just trying to help you out.
  4. Doc Pete

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    Very rough guess: estimate mowing the property without the stones, and whatever the time for that is, it will take the same amount of time to trim. In other words, if you think it will takes 3 hours to mow, add another 3 hours for trimming.

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