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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by eric m, Nov 7, 2018.

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    We are a small company that focuses on lawn cutting/care and general landscaping...we have never offered mosquito or tick control. We have some customers asking, and would like to offer it. We have always given our clients the name of a pest control company that would come in a fog the yard with a backpack style mister/fogger (from what I can tell).
    We figure it could be an easy thing for us to get into, and would like to offer it while we are there, for the customers that ask.
    What would you guys recommend? A fogger/mister backpack type setup? Or a sprayer? Specific models? Also, what type of chemicals should be used, and what type of safety equipment should we use? I have seen these other companies provide the service, and they dont generally wear ANY protective equipment (just ear) - are they spraying an organic non-toxic fog?
    Specifically trying to control MOSQUITO and TICKS, in the New England area.
    Thank you!
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    There's a service that sprays a garlic organic mixture as a repellent
    It works but needs to be reapplied
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    Check rules and regulations. Here in NC we need a separate license.
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    Grass, Yep that's true in NJ. First the Business License, then Category for Mosquito Applications (This is tough to get in NJ). A few States do not require these if the products are EPA Exempt.
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    I'd imagine the season in your area is about over for this service. Take the off season to get properly licensed/trained. It may take more effort than you think so get on it ASAP. From your statements it seems you might be wanting to take the "Minimal" route, meaning just learning enough to do this one service and not learning the entire scope of pesticide use. I'd caution against this. Your knowledge and thus your effectiveness would be limited aka "a hack".
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    Eric, I'm also in New England, and I did the same thing. I got tired of saying no to customers. First thing was to get my pesticide license, and the extra insurance. Then I came up with the offerings and pricing for customers. For mosquitoes I fog the yard with a backpack fogger. I do 4 treatment program for mosquitos. If they want tick treatment I use a granular product in the lawn, and/or spray the lawn.

    Your local SiteOne has what you need. Crosscheck in granular or liquid is labled for mosquitoes and ticks, and works well. I use a stihl backpack for fogging, and a drop in sprayer for my Lesco spreader for spraying. The SiteOne guys will tell you about the products in detail.
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    I would confront them and sell snake oil. Yep snake oil...this is a win win situation.

    Tell them from today till end of March they will have no skeeters to worry about. The rest of the year ... add a disclaimer " During the warmer months I offer no solutions. "

    Yep....hire a company to do your spraying and mark it up unless you have enough or can get enough to do it yourself with a license.
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    in ct you need a specific license for tick spraying and then one for mosquitos. using a backpack fogger is much more convenient (no hoses to drag around) and cost much less to get started. Ive used an organic product with no complaints for years . if your going to use more traditional products I would put a hazmat suit and respirator in your shopping cart to.
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