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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by south jerz, Mar 22, 2005.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Me and one worker are doing a 3,000 sq ft sod job. Can I remove the old lawn and till and fertilize one day, then lay the sod the next day? Also, is using lyme at any stage necessary/beneficial? How do you use lyme in sodding?
  2. Garth

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    Using a sod-stripper and rototiller you should be able to take off the old lawn in a day and fertilize it. I would also recommend that you use a manure cage and put down a layer of soil amendment. Add lime or sulfur to adjust the Ph in the soil before you put down the amendment. Before you lay the sod, lightly water the area and apply a root-building fertilizer. The N-P-K numbers will have a higher middle number. Lay your sod, making sure to stagger the pieces like brick-laying. I always have a 6x2 piece of lumber to kneel on so as not to put hollows in the graded soil. Have your worker "feed" the sod to you. After it is laid you'll want to go over it with a lawn-roller 1/4 full of water. Stay off the new lawn for 2 weeks and keep it LIGHTLY moist. Apply ammonium phosphate after 6 weeks and don't apply weed and feed for at least 2 months. The first time you mow, keep it on a higher setting and gradually lower it. If you cut more than 1/3 the growth you could send it into shock. Here's a little tip: if you put the edges of the sod together with a 1 in. overlap and cut through both pieces, you'll have a seamless join when you butt them up together. Looks very smarmy.
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    Hey garth that was a great answer, I love when people give informed answers. keep up the good job we all appreciate it. :)
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    sod will grow on concrete if you fert and water it
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    Garth, you point out many good points, thanks from me as well.

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