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need advice Gravely or Scag zero


LawnSite Member
Need everyones advice, I have one shot at a zero turn and need opinions. Looking at 52 inch cut, Gravely 152 zdx or Scag Wildcat. The Gravely has the zdx package, 23hp kaw, for $7299. The Scag has the 26hp kaw LC, for $7850. Dealers are 1/2 mile from each other. As far as cutting conditions, summer grasses and rolling hills. I am hauling it home Friday!


LawnSite Platinum Member
I would go with Gravely but thats only because we havent had any luck with our scag WB and we have loved every gravely we have ever owned.

Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
I would go with the wildcat lc 26. I have the aircooled 25 kaw and I love it. 457 hrs and not one bit of problems. Also the 26 is smoother running than the 25. Some other things to look at are hydro cooler, size of pumps, warranty, resale value, liquid cooled kaw will last longer than air coooled in my opinion.( I have both).


LawnSite Member
East TN
I just purchased a 30 ho Kohker 61 cut Wildcat, I just mow my property with it. So far my experiance has been very positive, I mowed over 7" tall grass. It felt llike a warm knife cutting through butter, didnt even feel like I was mowing anything. Very positive so far........

Albery's Lawn & Tractor

LawnSite Bronze Member
Denver, CO
I like Gravely the best. Tested both brands earlier this year and the gravely cut better and was a very smooth ride. Personaly I like the 252 better it's got strong pumps (21CC over 12CC in the 152), stronger pto (250lbs vs 200lbs), bigger engine's 25 or 27. I don't run l/c motors simply b/c local mechanics tell me that durablity and longevity is determined by upkeep. Not to mention radiators are fairly expensive. Just my two cents.