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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Christian lawnman, Oct 16, 2007.

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    First thing is i have business ownership background my strong point.Well i am needing some questions answered on starting lawn care and landscaping business.I am a missionary based here in the U.S. i go on about 5 mission trips a year.I am very reasonable in my expectations in what time frame it takes to make a business successful, And i am not looking for a empire just a small efficent profitable business.I also have some very capable and fully trust worthy people who will be watching and tending the business while i am on my mission trips.So now i have given info. i hope that helps in answering the questions.Oh yeah I LIKE TO WORK HARDER AND SMARTER i am not lazy lol.

    #1. For the most part do you sell a lawn once and then continue to service it for awhile?

    #2. Can a lawn service become self sufficent with supervision only in three years?

    #3. What is a fair asking price for the average lawn in Dallas,Texas? And i don't take just anything for the sake of work. I always believe the customer will pay $5-$10 more and do what i can to show them why i am worth it.

    #4.Can i buy lawns from people to start with to get into a niehborhood that i desire to be in. Is 3 mows a good price to offer for lawns i want to buy?

    Enough questions for now lol.Thank you so much for your valueable input and time.God Bless.
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    if your not there, things will go badly.... there is no one you can trust with a brand new operation but you.....

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