Need advice of purchas of new lawnmower. Wright or Walker

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Duke1981, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Duke1981

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    I have a landscape buisiness with about 80 residential lawn accounts. Currently I have (2) 36" bobcats with vulkeys on them. Im looking at a used walker right now, or a new wright stander. What would be the best mower for me right now. We do have alot of leaves that come down in my area. (NJ) The walker I'm looking at now is listed below. Do I buy a new wright?, new walker?, or used walker?

    1997 Walker MT-GHS (25 HP Kohler)
    9.5 Bushel Bag w/ new frame work
    new powerfill motor and chutes
    new blower fan and housing
    new foam filled front caster wheels
    42" deck w/ new chute
    rebulit gear boxes, seat, painted
    (He says he's had it for about 6 years and used it as a back up machine. It's been sitting for 2 years but starts right up he says)
  2. mds2000

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    if you have a lot of leaves to clean a stander is already out of the question now the walker a few things to look at how many hrs and the over all on the machine if its had that many things fixed and replaced it has been used hard.

    if you buy new you get warranty a payment (finance or lease) that you can write off and a machine you know the history and the up keep of the machine. i bought a new mtghs 26efi this last year and am loving it just wish i could afford to buy a attachment or too.

    the decision is your i would go for new walker my self good luck on the choice:canadaflag:
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    I own both machines. The walker is used exclusively for leaf jobs. Takes up way too much trailer space and is too slow. The wright is a 36" fixed deck that is very fast, manuevarable and fits through gates. Very compact. If it were me I would buy both used ,leaves are way easier with the walker.
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  4. Landrus2

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    If you can find good used mowers buy them both not going to be easy to find two good used mowers at a fair price
  5. I own a 36 fixed wright and it is awesome. Compact, maneuvers well, mulch kit works great. I have never owned a walker so can't comment on that. The big plus with a wright machine is the seasonal buying program.
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  6. GrandMaster

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    Grandstands or wrights
  7. Wright...have yet to see someone around here with a grandstand but see more and more wrights....I saved 1k off msrp when I bought it and did 12 mo no interest.
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