Need advice on a 36W/B for leaves +

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TotalCareSolutions, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. TotalCareSolutions

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    I have 2 ExMetros (belt) and needed some advice on trading in for (A) hydros & (B) the best double combination for a bagger, and is the HP strain a consideration?

  2. promower

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    Not sure if this will answer your question but I will tell you what I use. For my smaller lawns I have a great dane, 36" hydros. It has 17 hp, I use mulching blades with an accelerator bagger. The bagger is nice beacuse its light weight. This setup works pretty good for me. Never had a problem with hp.
  3. locutus

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    I have a metro hp for my smaller lawns.When I tried doubles for the first time, I thought they put too much strain on the engine ( 15hp Kawi ). I had high lifts under low lifts. I thought I was going to like this setup pretty well until I hit some high burmuda grass and the blade belt started slipping. I checked the blade tentioner and it was aligned perfectly. I have an anti-blowout baffle installed so I dont have the blowout problems I was having while trying to bag leaves. For leaves I like gator highlifts. They bag really well for me and reduce the volume of leaves.

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