Need advice on bad driveway sealcoating job (my own)

Jimbo S.

LawnSite Member
Two years ago, I had a new asphalt driveway installed. After 2 brutal summers and winters in the NE, I finally decided it was time to seal it. I decided to do it myself as I generally prefer to do things around the house on my own if I can (like many of you!).

I had all the necessary supplies: a new 36" squeegee, and 14 pails to cover my 2800 sq. ft driveway. The product I chose was Henry's 532 7-year Asphalt Resurfacer which had great reviews everywhere I looked. The night before the job I pressure washed the entire driveway, then the next morning (a beautiful high 70s day with no humidity), I did one sweep of the driveway and I started.

I thought I did most things right: I made sure to mix the crap out of the sealer with a drill and paddle. I put on a thin layer, and everytime I started a new row I would slightly overlap with the previous one. I kept the squeegee edge clean by wiping it down when it started to get gunked up. To my eye it looked uniform and no uneven spots.

As the sealer started drying, I could see that there were streak marks where I made a pass with the squeegee. (see photos). Instead of it being one smooth surface, you can see every pass that I made. I hate it.


It's been about 48 hours and it looks the same, so I don't think that's going to change. I need help with 2 things badly:

1. Is there any way to fix it? Can I take a hand brush, or roller, and try to fade those streak marks and feather into the rest of the driveway? Henry's says not to apply a 2nd coat because the stuff is very thick and viscous. But what if I buy a very thin sealer and basically put one final coat on top just to cover everything up? The Henry's has done its job in terms of sealing. I just want to fix up the appearance.

2. How did this happen in the first place? I can't figure it out. I thought I did everything correctly, but clearly I didn't. I would love to avoid this the next time I seal the driveway.

Thanks for any thoughts, advice, opinions! All are welcome.