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need advice on bidding school grounds

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The local school in my area currently has two of there maintenance men doing the grounds on 3 campuses and the administrative building. In the fall of 2004 there will be another campus to do as well. The grounds ALWAYS look bad and are overgrown. I would like to pitch to the administrative board that it would be better to contract out than to have staff do it!

Does anyone have any advice on putting together a marketing package to sell this idea?
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we have taken care of a school district for 2 years now. Never had a lick of problem with them. Before us they had hs kids working off their tuition (private school) and obviously this was not much of a motivation and the grounds looked awful. We offered to clean up everything for free (over 20 hours worth of free labor) and get everything looking good then offered a per mowing price. They took it. This past winter they talked about bidding it out - and decided not to b/c they were happy. It may seem insane to offer free clean-up, but i knew that would be the hook if i could just mow for them once. I also kind of feel like I am giving back since it is a Christian school - so it all works out. I will increase my prices ever so slightly this year - I didnt last year for them. Good luck.

(keep in mind that this is a private school, so your experience may be completely different)
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