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need advice on bidding school grounds

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The local school in my area currently has two of there maintenance men doing the grounds on 3 campuses and the administrative building. In the fall of 2004 there will be another campus to do as well. The grounds ALWAYS look bad and are overgrown. I would like to pitch to the administrative board that it would be better to contract out than to have staff do it!

Does anyone have any advice on putting together a marketing package to sell this idea?
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I used to maintain 5 Elementary Schools in my town. I was the first one to get in there because they had added classrooms and the janitorial staff needed to spend more time inside rather than outside. I went in and gave them a reaaaaaaaalllllly good price, year round of course, but wound up regretting my decision. I underpriced them terribly and when I sent letters to all of them (after 2 years of doing it cheap) they weren't very receptive to the increase I needed. I no longer service any schools........I learned a lesson.......they got others to do the work actually cheaper than I was. That says a lot about my competitors but also tells me they're just like anybody else. They want something for nothing.

If and when you do this........take a good hard look at what it will take time wise and equipment...........and labor............then submit a professional bid detailing all the services you will provide for them and set your price correctly.........if you get it at your price you can probably forget ever trying to raise it.
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