Need advice on cleanup pricing.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by zlssefi, May 6, 2013.

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    i went and looked at a job today. the homeowner attempted to mow the front lawn which was 18" high and have not even tried the back yet. they wanted the grass cut, a price on weekly mowing, and a spring cleanup price. the lot has to be a good acre to acre and a 1/4 on old tobacco land, the grass grows about an inch a day id bet. I priced the mowing at 75.00 per cut with trimming included. And the cleanup that hadnt been done in about two years, at 400.00 which would include cleaning of all the beds, picking all sticks out of the grass then dethatching the whole lawn. I already work for some other family members related to this customer so i really wanted the job. once i gave the price the customer said they would get back to me. About 9 pm i get a text message saying, thanks any way found someone MUCH cheaper. Is my pricing way off target on this job? i asked for the competitive numbers and the customer wont give them up. My gut is telling me they are just too cheap and will attempt it themselves again, I cant imagine doing the job MUCH cheaper than the prices i gave. Any input?
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    I'm guessing they would be fine with a job that looks much cheaper... I can't even attempt on doing jobs in which the haphazard sloppy look is the desired result... a brush-hog and roundup is probably all you needed to bid... done in 5 hours...

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