need advice on older jd skid

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bruno_rs, Feb 2, 2008.

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    hey all, what would be fair $ for a 1972 john deere skid... don't know the model off hand. it's small with a 1/4 yard(?) bucket, 4 cyl (gas) wisconsin. it's in decent shape and has 3rd use hydrolics with a hoe (hoe in need of rebuild). i'm sure some of your are going to tell me to buy newer, bigger, diesel, etc... however, new to business and it's a matter of finances. won't be used everyday... only once in a while. thanks, looking forward to hearing from you. have a good one.
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    All I can tell is that an older Bobcat or Case that will get more work done and still have parts available can be had for $10-12K all day long. Even if you only paid $4K for that machine, I'd gladly pay upwards of $10K more for a better machine. Those older machines you end up wrenching on way too much if you're using them to generate income.
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    The gas motor will be a source of pain both in the wallet and in the shop. If your starting out money is tight. Although getting on a job and having the machine not function well or perhaps at all is bad for business. They don't lift much and wont move much material when they do run. I grew up with a gas powered Bobcat that had a Wisconson. I am with Scag. Maybe rent until you have enough money to get a better machine. Bobcats 743, 753 are solid as are the CASE 1840 or 1845C.
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    i agree, stay away from it:nono:

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