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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JasonPC, May 7, 2000.

  1. JasonPC

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    Hi, everybody. I need some advice on a job my husband just did. We're having a debate over the best way to handle this. Here's the situation: we recently finished an overseeding job (last week) where there was a section of our customer's property that should have been lawn but instead was ALL weeds and every type of weed there was. Almost no lawn at all. So we rototilled the whole thing and hand picked out all the weeds (or as much as we could). We overseeded, then spread starter fert with sidaron. I'm worried that the weeds will break through again. We're planning on putting weed control down, but we can't until the grass germinates. What would you guys do and how long would you wait?<p>Thanks in advance!<p>Nicole
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    the weeds will come back through... your gonna have to wait till the grass you planted is well established then spray the area with a selective herbicide. what you should have dont is sprayed the entire area with roundup so the weeds would be dead then put soil and sedd over.
  3. What is sidaron?
  4. OP

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    It's an extremely expensive crabgrass preemergent that you can put on instead of a product like dimension. It doesn't prevent the seeds from germinating after overseeding while something like dimension would.
  5. I did a altavista search for the word<br>&quot;sidaron&quot; and only five hits were returned with nothing to do with the green industry.<p>Can you give me a better spelling of this product or direct me to the web site where<br>I might be able to real the label.<p>Without knowing exactly what you have done there is no advise that I can give.
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    Was wondering if you guys thought it was a good idea? How mulch top soil, 2 "?

    Why not kill weeds, wait 3 weeks, till, seed? Would this work?
  7. kickin sum grass

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    try not to till unless it is so extremly compacted. There is approximately 1 million weed seeds in a cubic foot of soil. The seeds that germinate are from about only 1/2 inch deep. Now think of all the new seeds you bring up to the top 1/2 inch if you till just at a depth of 3-4 inchs. more than you will want to tackle.
    Tilling has its place but avoid it if you can. Spray with round up - wait a couple weeks, aerate and slice seed. this will loosen the soil enough for seeding without a total disruption.
    If you are gonna till make sure the customer knows you/he/she will need additioanl weed control.
  8. check out turpersan, 4 week control?

    generally treat broadleaf weeds after 2nd mowing, BUT CHECK LABEL

    can seed 3 days after spraying round up

    If soil is lacking in om , add, BUT roto till in (need soil test to determine om, might as well check and correct any nutrient deficiences and pH if needed) placing topsoil over existing soil creates a layer, so till it in!!!

    make good seed to soil contact
  9. what is topsoil?
  10. stslawncare

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    do we agree that after applying weed control wait about 3 weeks to seed? on my lawn we have some spots of weeds, since it is so wet right now i was thinking of applying some scotts granular(or something similar)to the lawn then in about 3 weeks aerate and seed. how does this sound? should i dethatch in there somewhere?

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