Need advice on prescription safety glasses

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by aakin, May 13, 2002.

  1. aakin

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    Need advice on prescription safety glasses. I have been trying to find presecription safety glasses so far without any luck. Anyone have any suggestions? I trim and edge my grass weekly and have tried regular safety glasses but I find that I really need my prescriptions. I know just wearing regular glasses is risky.
    Someone suggested Oakley brand of sun glasses said they come in prescription versions and are very strong. They are designed for athletic activity such as skiing, playing ball etc... Do you think this would provide the type of protection needed for how I intend to use it?

    Anyone else have a similar dilemma? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Martino

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    I have put safety glasses right over the top of my prescription lenses. The "big" ones that sell for a couple of $$ are what I have used. Guess it depends on how big your prescription glasses as to how well it will work for you. Alternatively, the goggle-type safety glasses usually fit right over eyeglasses.

    Oakley frames are very expensive.....not something I would use for safety glasses.
  3. sdwally

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    Check with a vision center inside Walmart. Our city has a contract with them. Decent pricing.
  4. aakin

    aakin LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the advice folks I think I will try using my older pair of prescription glasses and get the side shields, see how they work.
  5. BigJim

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    I wear glasses and use the trimmer everyday,I find earmuffs with a flip up mesh visor is best,available from chainsaw dealers.Saves your glasses and wont fog up.You can flip the visor up and mow the lawn to,saves changing earmuffs.

  6. Russo

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    Is there anything that you DON"T have picture for? BTW-leave it to you to unmask the opossum / arrow conspiracy. Someday I'll figure out how to use this computimatater as well as some of you guys.....
  7. BigJim

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    Oh like they say a picture saves a thousand words,easy to pop in a photo then folks know what your talking about.To manipulate the photos I use Microsoft Paint,its very simple to use and you can do some good images with it.That possum was a bit naughty of someone to do,just shows you can never believe everything you see,especially on the internet;)
  8. Russo

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    Big 10-4!
  9. Catherine

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    I've worked for 12 years in a factory needing prescription safety glasses. Our company has a contract with Shopko, they also provided side shields for a small price. Worth checking out... Catherine:)

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