Need Advice on Renting Out My Buffalo Blower

Kip Egan

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Detroit, MI
I have 7 acres and 213 Large Norway Maples . I bought a Buffalo Blower last year and tow it around with a Zero Turn Mower - does a fabulous job. I would like to make some extra $ this fall Subcontracting me and my blower to established commercial services that need a Turbine Blower on some big jobs but can’t justify the investment in a turbine blower ($5 - $8K).

Any suggestions how to market this service?


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Winston-Salem NC
I don't think many people here use a pull behind Buffalo (now Toro) blower. It's a lot of push type and backpacks and rakes. But i do know what you mean and they are awesome machines in the right spot.

They work great on golf course tees, fairways and surround's. That remote control rotating nozzle is so handy. They can knock out some roads and big parking lots too. You just need the room to turn around.

Kip Egan

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Detroit, MI
Good advice thanks, I am in Bloomfield Hills.
I tagged and inventoried over 1000 trees - I harvest 2,000 - 4,000 gallons of sap for syrup from the maple trees.


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Large apartment complexes probably aren’t the place for something like that
Every direction you blow in isn’t a good direction.
The leaf plow is the right tool for those places.
Everything too bulky to move with a backpack blower gets scooped and moved to a curb to be sucked up by a vac truck.

the buffalo excels where there is a long distance to blow with no unnatural obstacles (buildings or cars) that needs to be blown off regularly (weekly or more often)
Typically straight into a wood line.

campuses and wooded trails are the target audiences.

the best way to “***** out” your unit is to put in on a trailer and drive around stalking these types of locations (once you’ve identified them) hoping to catch the company doing the work.
Then offer to demo your machine by helping them.
On they’ve seen it , they may agree to use you for whatever rate you’ve dreamed up.
Of you think this sounds strange, this is exactly what commercial mower reps do.
It’s how they sell machines
You’re just selling a sub service.
First year or two you won’t make much and it will take a lot of time tho.