Need Advice on Slender Rush, Juncus Tenuis

Discussion in 'Golf Forum' started by ytischenko, Mar 13, 2017.

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    We are seeing slender rush, Juncus Tenuis, continuing to spread on courses here in the Detroit Area. It invests our bent/Poa tees at .3-inch height of cut, fairways, bent /Poa at .4-inch height of cut, and roughs — especially along cart paths next to tees. I have submitted our problem to two highly regarded university professors from different Schools in the Midwest, and also to a major chemical company and have gotten the same response: Good luck!

    The fact that it can flower down to .3-in means we may take our tees even lower this year, and I am going to double up on pre-emergent, but that might cut down on my tees ability to germinate new seedings from divot repair mix that we put out daily.

    Is anyone else battling this noxious weed?

    Jeff Blackett, Superintendent, Davey Golf at Fieldstone GC

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