Need advice on software-looking for new options

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by centraltxturf, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. jad004

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    I always just buy new. It's usually only a couple of dollars cheaper to upgrade anyway.
  2. Fresh_Cut

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    Has anyone that does MOWING tried Billmaster???
    How does it compare to Service Autopilot, Landscape Management Network
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  3. cbservicesllc

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    I was actaully looking at Hindsite or Jobber to come over from SAP... any update on your situation?
  4. GreenAsItGets

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    We signed up with LMN- so I will not know how well it provides until Summer- U start with creating your budget, then estimating templates, then field dispatch/tracking- so we are just finishing budget phase now.

    I like what I'm seeing so far!
  5. cbservicesllc

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    Is it a one time cost or monthly? How much of an investment are we talking?
  6. GreenAsItGets

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    They offer 3 packages- most common one is $99/mnth- but thats only for budget/estimating- the on the go option = field time tracking is an added cost.

    Fun Fun in the Sun- get r done!
    Efficiency = Money- so we can't wait to stream line our operations- we have been running excel sheets and word docs too long- time to crawl out of the bat cave- lol
  7. danthony

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    Just wondering how the LMN software is working out for you?
  8. GreenAsItGets

    GreenAsItGets LawnSite Member
    from Apex NC
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    We hit a wall with LMN in regards to their customer support, and mainly the lack of being able to track/provide data for recurring services- which is a big part of our company. They sell you that it can provide maintenance services, but only crudely and not near as refined as it should be and in the end it did not nor can it do many things we needed well.
    For instance; say u wanted to input/track routine pruning @ 6 hours each and prune 3 occurrences per year, for a total of 18 hours per year; well with LMN you can input 3 different events, but the crew only can see the total hours (18) at each visit instead of 6 hrs. So after 1st prune @ 6 hrs, it will report job is 33% complete plus you have to alert crew that they should only spend 1/3 the time it states.
    We spoke with a few other contractors using lmn and they sang the same song in regards to recurring lacking functionality- LMN is good for budgeting, and estimating, and tracking one-off work. In fact some users were also using Service AutoPilot for their maintenance crews.
    So after pulling our hair out (again) we researched around and were pleased to see much progress made with Service AutoPilot since we last demo'd years ago. We signed up last month and are inputting data and really like what we see so far, many additional features- such as drag/drop=ease of use, customer relationship management, true recurring service tracking, dual connection to QB- so data stays real time, and it offers nice features to the crews to be able to clock in/out/take notes, mapping, get directions with their smart phones- which the office can see crumb trails and instant jobs status all in real time.
  9. Suders

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    Seems to me the ones to look at are SAP, Clip, and maybe BillMaster and Jobber
    I posted a thread with these same questions and hopefully get some better understanding of the programs.
    From what I tried so far (Countless) I am still at the 5-10 different programs to get what I need done. Have you guys run into the problem with online Quickbooks last month. ( redoing all the reoccurring transaction and Banking transactions just showing name of business and not the customer info ) I would kind of like top stay away from quickbooks,
    I have heard of ZOHO for the books but I could not find a good scheduling program with them.
  10. fl-landscapes

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    Sounds solid on SAP. Keep us posted


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